Women’s Health: Pelvic Floor, PCOS, Hormones ft. Dr. I-Chia Sun

This meeting, orchestrated between Gary Lineham and Dr. I-Chia Sun, served as a dynamic discourse on a myriad of women’s health topics, approached from a holistic perspective. The conversation navigated through common pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, exploring how fascial maneuvers serve as remedial measures for various complications. The duo delved into the intricate anatomy of the pelvic floor, elucidating how restrictions in its diverse areas can subsequently impact organs like the uterus and bladder. A pivotal part of the dialogue revolved around hormonal birth control, illustrating its steroidal impact on the body and the repercussions thereof. They also proffered insights into natural family planning as a viable alternative to conventional birth control methods. The discussion further encompassed the ramifications of conditions like endometriosis, shedding light on how exercise-induced tight abdominal muscles can accentuate pressure, thus squeezing tissues out. The correlation between PCOS and congestion in the lower pelvis was also touched upon, as was the subject of osteoporosis being more an issue of overall mineral imbalance rather than just a deficiency in calcium. Dr. Sun shared her personal experience and revelations from undertaking the 28-day reset. She emphasized its transformative impact on her nervous system, delineating the improvements it manifested in her skiing, relationships, and her overall outlook on her professional endeavors.


0:00 Pelvic floor issues and fascial maneuvers for repair.

4:31 Pelvic floor anatomy and its impact on women’s health.

11:39 Squatting and its effects on the pelvic floor.

15:40 Anatomy and pelvic floor health with a focus on women’s issues.

20:11 Fascial maneuvers for pregnancy and pelvic floor health.

24:38 Breast surgery effects on physical and emotional health.

28:37 Breast augmentation, hormone replacement therapy, and body healing.

34:39 Reducing stress and disease through body manipulation.

38:15 Hormonal imbalances and natural remedies.

43:26 Endometriosis and its treatment.

48:12 Endometriosis, fitness, and medical practice.