Get on your Fascia Mastery Journey

We worked in a clinical setting for over a decade with olympic athletes, award winning performing artists and anyone that was looking for solutions. Conducting over 200,000 sessions we were able to develop radical new insights into the human body when it was performing at a world class level and when it was dysfunctional. We knew the solution was fascia and at the time we really believed we were working on it. The truth is that we were making the problem worse and didn’t even realize it. The traditional method of fascial release would get people to a point and then it would fail – our question was why did it work for some and not others? We went back to the drawing board and with a fresh perspective, we gained a new understanding of fascia. We knew what we had discovered was different when we produced results that we had never seen before in a clinical setting. The results were so remarkable that we decided to apply the practice on ourselves. We went on a journey to clean up our own lives, learn about our bodies and how to heal ourselves. And, when we did, we knew we had to share this with others. We decided to create programs that empowered people to heal themselves and learn how to help others. Below you will find all of the steps we have mapped out to teach you about your body, how to heal yourself and THEN help others. We hope these programs are as transformative for you as they were for us. 


One Day Reset

A taste of the 10 most powerful movements

Master the essential Fascial Maneuvers and observe the changes in your body, emotions, perceptions and performance. See if you like them, share your experience, and become a part of our global community.

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3 Day Reset

Learn the fundamentals and begin the habit

Learn the fundamental laws of working with fascia including how to set intentions, pin, stretch & lock your fascia, breathing and spinal pelvic lock techniques. We will also go through the organ reset and the fundamentals of the 15 minute stress reset. 

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7 Day Reset

Fundamental laws, stress resets, & how we see the body

How do we see pain? Is trauma stored in the body? Do we really get sick? These are all the questions we will answer during these seven days. We will also focus on building a daily routine around the 15 minute stress reset and organ reset to reduce stress and heal your body. Ultimately, this is a preparation to see if you are ready for our 28 day life reset program.

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28 Day Life Reset

Reset and transform your life

This program is for those who are ready to fully transform their life. We live in a world where people are disconnected from their bodies, living in constant stress and being constantly riddled with chemicals. It’s time for a change. It’s time to clean our lives, learn about our bodies, and how to heal ourselves. This program guides you through the process of cleaning your environment, supplementing, moving and educating yourself into a new life. We have weekly meetups, journal exercises and new classes every day for you to reduce stress in your fascia.

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