Understanding Animal Fascia: How to Help Your Pets

Understanding Animal Fascia: How to Help Your Pets

ANIMAL FASCIA Animals have fascia too. Animal fascia operates in the same way ours does- it holds tension patterns and emotion, and relays information between the different body systems. When animals go through a life threatening experience, their natural instinct is to “shake it off”, effectively clearing it from their nervous systems & fascial memory. […]

The Best Essential Oils For Women

Best Essential Oils for Women

WHY USE ESSENTIAL OILS? At Human Garage, we use essential oils every single day! We believe that essential oils and plant medicines are key to supporting your body’s wellness. Herbal oils influence the endocrine system, interacting with our innate chemistry to create a variety of effects. You can use single extracts or blends depending on […]

How to Heal Parkinson’s Disease

how to heal parkinson's disease

CURING THE INCURABLE People with Parkinson’s are told they have an incurable disease. Their treatment plans are targeted at managing symptoms, not resolving the root cause of their ailments. There’s a feeling of resignation that comes with accepting an unchangeable diagnosis- if you believe it to be so. But it IS possible to heal Parkinson’s. […]

Find Your Radiance in the 28 Day Reset!

28 Day Reset, 28 Day Immersive Experience

THE 28-DAY RESET Human Garage’s 28 Day Reset changes the body, mind, and emotions. Understanding that these three facets of health directly impact each other is the foundation of comprehensive healing. People who dedicate themselves 100% to this program see results everywhere, not just in the way they feel but in their relationships with the […]

Parents Healing Their Children with Fascial Maneuvers


The spread of Human Garage’s mission has already made massive global impacts- and one of most revolutionary is the rise of parents healing their children using our philosophies. Children are the most sensitive among us. Their development is continually disrupted by environmental stressors, one of the worst being chemical exposure. Never before in history have […]

13 Holistic Breast Care Rituals and Tips

Breast Care Rituals and Tips

BREAST CARE: MORE THAN AN EXAM In the world of women’s health, breast care is often an afterthought. We’re told to get mammograms and do breast self exams, but nowhere along the way are we encouraged to set ourselves up for long term health using the right tools. The focus has been on minimizing the […]

Before and After Fascial Maneuvers: Two Years Later


Sometimes people ask us how long it takes to heal or what the long-term effects of fascial maneuvers are. Our movement philosophy began to evolve into what it is today about 12 years ago- which means there’s still much we don’t know! Human Garage believes the body is capable of much more than we’ve been […]

PowerCurc30™: The World’s First Full-Spectrum Curcumin Supplement

Powercurc30: The World's First Full-Spectrum Curcumin Supplement

WHAT IS CURCUMIN? Curcumin, a component of the herb turmeric, is one of the world’s greatest holistic medicines. The unique polypharmacology of this compound allows it to act on a multitude of molecular structures in the human body, creating a wide range of biological effects. Curcumin interacts with enzymes, receptors, and signaling pathways- not just […]

Discovering the Best Organic Restaurants of the Yucatán

Discovering the Best Organic Restaurants in the Yucatan

Once you decide to go organic, it changes everything- including the social ritual of going out to eat with friends and family. Breaking bread together is an ancient practice that builds community and relationships, and feeling left out it is no good! That’s why Human Garage is committed to finding the best organic restaurants everywhere […]

Grounds for Improvement: How Earthing Balances Our Electromagnetism


The advice “be positive” is only healthy as far as attitude is concerned… when it comes to the body, it’s actually better to be negative! Or to have a negative electric charge, as it were. Because of the electromagnetic nature of the human body, the energy we cultivate has an influence on the state of […]