In-Person Trauma Healing Experience

Saturday – December 16th

A Hands-On Experience

Physical and emotional trauma gets unconsciously stored in our bodies due to high stress in our daily lives, chemicals in our food, what is sprayed in our air and personal products we use on our bodies and cleaning our environment.

Trapped emotions get embedded in our body, tissues, organs and fascia that cause mental and physical disease. We believe the body can heal itself and that healing happens in community. Experience healing in your own body and learn to help others.

Learn self-care and hands-on healing with the power of Fascial Maneuvers and the Human Garage community! Come see the founders of Human Garage and connect with community members worldwide. 

Bring your questions and get them answered in a real-time “Hey Garry” forum.

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Event Details

Saturday – December 16th

10am to 1pm (PST) – Local Vancouver time

South Hall Event Centre 
8273 Ross Street
Vancouver BC V5X 4W1 Canada

Map Link: 
South Hall Event Centre

Adult – $60 CAD ($50 USD)
Kids – Free (17 & under)

Human Garage supplements & t-shirts will be available at the event for purchase.
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Hands-on trauma healing during summer
Vancouver Trauma Healing event

Watch a clip from the August Trauma Healing event in Vancouver

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Why Should I Come?

Learn how to self-heal and release trauma

  Why Join us in Vancouver?

  • Release stress, trauma, and emotions from your body.
  • Learn more about the fascial maneuvers and how to heal yourself.
  • Meet the founders of Human Garage & the entire Human Garage team
  • Move and connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

  Our Core Values  

    • To be compassionate to myself and those around me
    • To express how I feel in the moment
    • To express my beliefs openly
    • To express my wants over my needs
    • To listen to understand
    • To make things simple
    • To be transparent in all situations
    • To be honorable in all of my relationships
    • To have fun

What We Believe
Get a deeper insight into Human Garage

  • We believe the body was designed to heal itself
  • We believe you should know your body better than anyone else
  • We believe you should have the tools to heal and help yourself
  • We believe toxic chemicals in our food and environment are a massive contributor to stress and disease
  • We believe emotions impact the body
  • We are meant to play games and have fun
  • Children and adults should learn from each other
  • Children should be raised by the community
  • Education should be free and available to all
  • Failure should be encouraged
  • Privacy is harmful to oneself and those around us
  • Everyone should feel safe to be themselves
  • Each person has a purpose within the community
  • Each person has a responsibility that supports the community
  • Creating a toxic/chemical free environment is essential to healthy living
  • Work should not feel like a chore but should be integrated into our life
  • Teaching others is the best way to learn and embody a concept
  • Each person should be measured against the communities core values
  • In cooking and eating together
  • In moving, breathing, and setting intentions together
  • Expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions is necessary to live a healthy life
  • Movement is life
  • Diagnosis and self-limiting labels are harmful
  • One must take care of them self first before helping others
  • Everything comes down to vibration and frequency
  • Physical circumstances are a way to understand what is happening in the energetic world
  • Dysfunction begins when there is a mismatch between the energetic and physical world
  • There should be acknowledgment and respect for the elders in the community