Unlocking the Healing Power of Color Through Nanotechnology

Unlocking the healing power of color through nanotechnology

Why do so many people have a favorite color? There are many shades to choose from, but we often gravitate toward one in particular- and the reason why might be related to the state of your health!

Whether we are aware of it or not, color evokes an emotional response in the body. We experience color somatically because each color emits a specific wavelength. Feeling the vibrational impact of color changes the way we care for our bodies in several ways. From the way we cultivate our spaces, to the foods we consume, the colors we incorporate into life do affect our biology! My hypothesis is that our favorite colors show us what frequencies are lacking in our anatomy, and the desire to add them to our environment is a subconscious effort toward internal balance.

Thanks to innovations in tech, color therapy can now be used on the body at the cellular level. You don’t have to visually observe a color to receive its resonance anymore.

The transference of color wavelengths can be accomplished through nanotechnology.

Human Garage uses a NanoVi, which is a nanotech machine that enhances hydration. You hook yourself up to it with a canula, and breathe in tightly packed water molecules. These water molecules are transferred directly into the bloodstream when they touch the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity. NanoVi programs the water with specific energetic wavelengths that initiate the body’s protein folding process. Proper protein folding is essential for the health of the mitochondria- the powerhouse of each cell.

The NanoVi is used in clinics internationally because of its ability to initiate the body’s healing process, and is especially beneficial for people with chronic illnesses- even cancer!

It eliminates cellular waste (free radicals), which are caused by oxidative stress and are the root of most diseases.

What especially interesting about the NanoVi is that it has different color settings. You can choose from white, purple, light and dark blue, yellow, orange, red, and green. For for energetically attuned and interoceptive individuals, the difference between color settings is palpable. Even if you can’t detect a difference in sensation, the color will dictate how the water is used by your body.

It’s the first time color therapy has been implemented at a cellular level.

This modern tech also overlaps with ancient Ayurvedic healthcare. In the Eastern understanding, our bodies have multiple chakras that correspond with different organs. Each chakra has a color associated with it. Coincidentally, the NanoVi machine has the colors of the seven most commonly known chakras!

The marriage of old and new science can be used in multiple ways. Ayurvedic wisdom can be applied to determine the root cause of a health concern, and the color settings of the NanoVi can be utilized to address the issue head on.

For example: Let’s say an individual is dealing with cystic acne. They also have a hard speaking up and setting boundaries. Their endocrine system is probably out of balance, because cystic acne is a hormonal issue. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, the roadblocks around self-expression suggest that the throat chakra is blocked. The throat chakra is represented in the physical plane by the thyroid gland, one of the main regulators of our hormones. The assessment of this person’s condition is that they need to heal their throat chakra by speaking their truth, which would then balance their endocrine system.

Using the NanoVi to target the thyroid gland at a cellular level jumpstarts its healing process- simply by changing the color setting to blue.

The implications of vibrational medicine are massive. People are starting to understand spiritual concepts through scientific evidence- it’s an energetic revolution in healthcare!

Adding fascial maneuvers to the mix creates an even better experience. While breathing through the NanoVi, the body is in a relaxed state and ready to receive the maneuvers.

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