Unlock Your Fascia

Accelerate healing, improve performance and elevate consciousness. 

Learn how fascia relates to the emotions, perceptions and narratives we hold, which lead to dysfunctional movement, stress, pain and disease. Learn to unlock your own fascia to reduce pain, tension, and stress while simultaneously improving mobility, focus, and performance. After this program you will be able to create and customize your own Fascial Maneuvers specific to your needs through understanding the fundamental laws that govern your fascia and your body.

Program Details

4 day live-virtual event + lifetime access to future workshops and continuing education.

Anyone looking to unlock their fascia, learn about their body and improve performance.


  • Monthly community Q&A Calls
  • Exclusive Podcast & Video Content
  • Life-time access to continuing education



  • October 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th

10:00am – 1:00pm PST


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1. Introductions: Getting to know you

2. Introductions: to Human Garage Programs

3. Building a Human

Learn what it takes to build a human. Why? Because if we are going to learn how to unlock the body’s fascia we have to understand the pieces of the puzzle involved.

4. Fascial-Awareness Training

Learn to understand your body and recognize the different components involved in unlocking your fascia and reaching your optimal potential.

5. A Different Perspective on the Human Body

We believe health expands past the physical body and involves emotions, perceptions and meta-physical phenomena.

There are many theories in medicine, today, that just don’t fully explain what happens in the human body. For the past decade we sought to understand and find answers to these questions.

6. Fundamental Laws of Fascia

We have broken down how to reprogram and unlock your fascia in 5 easy steps and will teach you how to implement these into your daily movement practice.

7. Fascial Maneuvers: amplify performance, accelerate recovery & heal your body

We have put together 10 of the most powerful maneuvers on the planet for reprogramming and unlocking the fascia. We have released these to the world, for free. But, the movements don’t stop here. Instead of fishing for you, we are going to teach you how to fish. Learn how to get creative and customize maneuvers specifically to unlock those sticky spots that the essentials don’t quite hit on their own.

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