Transformations With Human Garage: A Collection of Testimonials

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Read what people have to say about our life-changing resets and fascial maneuver philosophy.

Charles Fleshman: 28-Day Reset Results

“… the 28 day reset with supplements was and is the best experience and results for me. You can see the results in my before and after pictures. I did three 28 day resets in the five month time period. I took the supplements and resolved digestive problems (IBS, autoimmune??), and inflammation in my left shoulder, mid back and left hip. The 28 day reset program calmed my body, mind, and spirit. This allowed me to experience emotions locked in my body for many many years, freeing my body to move without restrictions. There is more, this is the short version. Enjoy the journey…”

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Before & After Photos:

Before & After

Markus Mann: 28-Day Reset Results

“The @humangarage 28 day Life Reset was a time of Acceptance and Change.

Accepting challenges I’ve never faced before, and an inner knowing to Change in the most authentic ways because of it.

Doubts and quiet times lead to break throughs and this reset was a gift and taught me precisely that.

When weight training for 20 years was no longer serving me, outdoor walks and fascia maneuvers were my physical activities. This gave me the opportunity to embody them, feel them, begin to heal and gain clarity.

When emotional triggers arrived, this forced me out of my comfort zone and ask impactful questions and gain a greater INNERstanding of my emotions and from a heart centred place.

When I was feeling the old patterns creeping in, it pushed me to see different perspectives and begin creating a vision for my life.

When I felt disconnected from myself and question my values, it inspired me to overcome my fear of being seen and remind myself a larger picture is unfolding and that I am one with the Universe. Enjoy the journey, return to friends and embrace community….

Details to follow and I am looking forward to sharing with you! Energized!

One of my thoughts:

‘Accept the whispers of the past to strengthen your voice in the present.’“

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Before & After Photos:

Before & After

Mary Fidio: 7-Day Reset Results

“After completing my 7 Day reset after years of torture. Here I am, day 2 completed of 28-day reset. Reoccurring staph infection I’d get from flare up of fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Really difficult to deal with should the severe spinal stenosis actived because then they would send me for ladicaine steroids that recreated this hot mess accompanied by neuropathy pain all bundle up. I had to douce my feet in Vaseline and find lavender and camomile infused baby wipes to soften my implant landing in my stride.

See why I cried this morning. For the first time in over 5 years I can finally have bare foot in sock or to ground. I literally cried with glee

CAUTION: photos are NOT for weak stomachs.

I think it’s obvious that before glimpse is on top and after is below taken two days ago now. Can’t wait for the 28 day reveal”

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Before & After

Natasha Patel: Virtual Fascial Maneuvers Class & 28-Day Reset Results

“I found Human Garage on Instagram randomly…. or more likely by some algorithm. I was already looking for ways to get rid of an incessant pain in my back that I’ve had for years and just learned to ignore. Every now and then, it would act up more than usual and I’d go get a massage or try reiki or acupuncture or the newest herbal hot oil.

What grabbed my attention was the “heal yourself” aspect. HG was offering to teach me to be self-sufficient and powerful on my own. Yes. Please. I did a Saturday morning session over zoom to see what it was all about and the curiosity continued. I sent a message explaining my back issue and quickly got a response about what emotions might be tied to this pain. I always had a feeling it was more than just physical so when they told me about the 28 day reset, I was intrigued. I like structure and accountability and one month seemed very reasonable.

During the month, I remember feeling everything from judgment, frustration, and impatience to anticipation, hope, and assurance. I was telling everyone around me about the reset—partly because I wanted someone I knew to do it alongside me and partly because I needed confirmation that this wasn’t a waste of time. I remember seeing people on the zoom calls crying after a maneuver and feeling jealous and critical. Why was my trauma not being released? Do I not have any? Am I upset about having a pretty easy life? Are these people acting? There was a lot of inner noise.

Some days felt like a chore to practice the maneuvers and I found myself fast-forwarding a lot through the interviews. I felt guilty about it. I felt a little something on the 23rd day so I kept with it. Plus, I was almost at the end. I avoided reading the comments because I didn’t want to know how everyone else was feeling so much change. Maybe it was because I chose not to take the 25 pills/day that I wasn’t feeling anything? I was taking my daily DE, fulvic, and Irish sea moss though.

On the last day, I felt more. Enough to stay on. I looked at my before and after pictures and didn’t see a difference so I sent another message over to HG. They added grid lines to help point out the differences and some of them became clear to me. I asked the people around me if they noticed anything different in me. Some did, some didn’t. Two weeks after the reset, I had an urge to do a maneuver and felt good when I did it. Another week later, I felt pain at the roof of my mouth, reached out to HG, tried their suggestion, and tada! Pain gone. Sometimes, at night when my back or hips feel tight, I keep a ball in bed that I use to twist into an area of my body and pin against the bed to relax into. It helps. Something relaxes. I even find myself doing twists and breathing randomly throughout the day as tension arises. Even though nothing ground breaking has happened and sometimes my back pain is still there, I feel like I’m on the right track and I should keep at it until I feel otherwise.

The whole experience so far has taught me to be kind to myself, listen to my intuition, and be open. In other words, sometimes things don’t make sense right away or reveal themselves immediately and it’s ok to celebrate the process.”

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Trina Frie: Stress Reset and Supplements Results

“I have been practicing the 15 minute reset and totally twisted 2 daily for just over a year. In addition to that I absorb as much new information as I can. The reason why I do this is because I felt the improvements in my body the 1st time I tried it. In addition to the maneuvers I have been taking several of the supplements. I decided to try them even though I do not take any prescriptions. I have always been against using pharmaceuticals due to the abuse of prescription medications I have seen practiced around me and I have noted that the prescriptions are given to mask the symptoms instead of fix the problem. I know this doesn’t fit for all situations and that I am fortunate to not have any severe enough health issues that I need to seek out that type of care. I do know that I was probably dehydrated, had inflammation and have never been one to want to use vitamin type supplements either. I have always sought to get my nutrients from a food source. I have always assumed that I could accomplish getting my nutrients from food but I noticed I was starting to have muscle cramps in the middle of the night, my skin was starting to show the signs of old age and just to name a few examples. So about 2 years ago I did start taking specific vitamin supplements to combat the muscle cramps and that would work most of the time but I didn’t like it. I’d look at the ingredients and see fillers (unhealthy fillers) and tell myself I don’t want to take these. After meeting the Human Garage Group, understanding there mission, trusting that the have our best interest at heart. I had no hesitation in trying their supplements. I also have to say that I have seen improvements from using these products. The products are extremely beneficial and I feel confident that they are made to help us live a better life. Empower yourself to take control over your own health. For me- this is the ticket.”

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