Transformations With Human Garage: A Collection of Testimonials

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Read what people have to say about our life-changing reset programs and fascial maneuver philosophy.

Erno K: 28-Day Reset Results

“#28Day21 Loving, happy, inspired today. Fascia moved some parts of my body to “better” positions, and I could feel that during the day.

About a week ago I experienced a feeling of plateau. (I have done these fascial maneuvers for about two months, now.) I went through the plateau and feeling bored about the maneuvers with love. I still did the maneuvers every day, usually twice a day. Although I don’t really do anything to get the rewards nor do I think linearly, now I see the “rewards” of the bidaily, kinda repetitive work. Posture keeps getting better, I feel grounded, I need less food, I am pain free way more than before and when the pain comes back it’s not as hard as before, and doesn’t stay as long.

So I would recommend you all to keep serving the body with these resets, although you may not see significant immediate “results”.”

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Tiphaine Fillon: Virtual Fascial Maneuvers Class Results

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“So this is before and after today’s Live class on march 18th! I felt tension releasing during the session in my lats, side hips on both sides. I feel like my jaw and neck feel lighter. (I am not really good at seeing before and after changes so I try to put lines to help me noticing the change, I looks like my neck is softer on the pictures too.) It looks like my face is less torqued. My nose tend to go to the left side. I know palate swipe is right to left and have always wondered if I should do it the other way around as my nose is going left.. Any ideas or feedback on this ??? I had a good emotional release during the Q&A with the woman sharing about her scoliosis and Garry leading us through a shame release. Very powerful. I feel light and ready to enjoy the day and excited as I am starting my 28 days reset on monday 😃🙏 Thank you, #hgtransformations #livemarch18”

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Ilze Egle: 28-Day Reset

“#28Day24 I cannot believe I am so far already! I have so much gratitude. I feel more release and I definitely feel little less pain in my back and shoulder blades. Working on my attitude. I guess I have also gained more confidence in my body. More trust, less fear. I see my old patterns and I am definitely not yet free of them but I feel and see them. More peace in my body and emotions. Grateful and happy. Doing one step at a time.”

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I-Chia Sun: Community Discussion

“Healing is a journey and we meet the right people and methods at various stages of that journey. The good news is that you discovered how myofascial release was incredible for your body 8 years ago. Even better news is that the mission of the Human Garage is to give you the simple tools and education to unwind your injuries, patterns and release subconscious emotions and traumas for yourself. Sometimes, the “repairs” by another cannot hold because we are meant to learn and upload something inside of ourselves so we can understand and let go of the underlying root causes. As a healing practitioner myself, it is empowering to be able to heal one’s own life book of many chapters and feel the effects from those simple tools. It’s the first time I have come across an exercise that works at the physical, mental, emotional, subconscious, and spiritual (energetic) levels. And I encourage my patients and those around me to give it a try as we all benefit from feeling lighter, grounded, calmer, and more empowered.”

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Jade Villanueva: Belly Button Torque Results

“Hi! SO I did the belly button twist move and for the first time in a year my period was bright red and oxidized. Amazing. I really feel like it helped get things moving.”

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Maret Hawley: 28-Day Reset

#28Day19 Hello all, I am well into this 28 day reset. I am still feeling good, and today during the video with jason, I had a lot of bones cracking. in the hips… it was really well done, clear and easy to follow. feel the detox a lot at night….tongue is charged in the morning… but relaxed.”

Maria Green: 7-Day Reset

“This has made my body feel completely great even after my dance competitions. I look forward to starting the 28 day reset this Monday.

Please let me know how I can donate! You guys are wonderful.”

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Kyla Gent: Lifestyle Artist

“A group of passionate and knowledgeable innovators who are putting global healing first. Human Garage is empowering people to understand their own bodies and take health and healing into their own hands. Learning how the body interprets trauma and how it is stored in the fascia can seem like an overwhelming concept that requires professional or outside treatment. HG is showing us how to use simple movements and breath to release and unwind what has become stuck and stagnant in our own bodies. We are powerful and capable beings. Our bodies are infinitely wise and know how to heal if we just understand the language and what our fascia needs. Human Garage is here to teach, share, inspire, and lead the way (…)

Overall, if I had to sum up my experience, HG has changed my life in the best possible way without me having to pay big bucks.

I am on my way to recovery and happy to assist anyone who needs help.

I started taking all three supplements on Feb. 12th and have been taking them regularly since then. They have been the best supplements I have ever taken!

I am eternally grateful to the HG team for their kind gesture to humanity. They have made me more independent with my health, and I am excited to see where this journey takes me.”

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Barbara Halsey: PowerCurc30

“Hi. Just to let everyone know. HG’s Powercurc30 is quite amazing. I have Crohn’s disease and although not on any medication from one foot of small intestine removed 40yrs ago, Ive controlled this the best I can with exercise and diet. There have been bursts (literally) of diarrhea during this time and I’ve just pulled back on my diet with fasting and very bland plain boiled rice and chicken.

Well after my recent breast cancer operations, diarrhea escalated again worse than ever. HG found me and I started the fascial maneuvers and organ reset daily together with my own DE and Irish sea moss and HG’s Powercurc30 (started with 6 daily for 3 days and then 1 daily), and it has completely changed my lifestyle again. Not only is it clearing my patch of psoriasis, I can go out without stressing again(…) there’s nothing that inhibits both proteins NF-kB and the unable to get elsewhere MSK1 included. Amazing”

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