Transformations With Human Garage: A Collection of Testimonials

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Read what people have to say about our life-changing reset programs and fascial maneuver philosophy.

Bre Leavoy: 7-Day and 28-Day Reset

“It was in November of 2022 that I started consistently doing the fascial maneuvers. There wasn’t a big event or dramatic injury that happened, it just felt like something that I needed to do for me and my body. I had dabbled in fascial maneuvers before this even getting some hands on body work done by the Human Garage team. Every time I did get body work done from them or did fascial maneuvers myself, my body felt so much better, but as much as it felt good at the time I honestly wasn’t ready to focus on my body’s need for healing. (I know it’s ridiculous, right?)

In November I made a commitment to myself to follow Human Garage’s 7 day reset. I ended up doing the 1 and 3 day reset first, but the goal was to do the 7 day. I remember feeling lighter in the body right away, as if there was more room to breathe. There were little adjustments here and there, gradually feeling not only physically better but also mentally. By the time I finished the 7 day I knew I was going to continue with the 28 day reset and truly change my way of living life.

The 28 day reset made me take a step back and really look at how I am perceiving this journey of life that I am on. What do I like about life? What do I want to do differently in my life? How do I reduce stress while in the middle of a public area? How do I become in tune with my own body? I learned in these 28 days not only about fascia but learning how everything affects the body whether it is perceived to be good or bad, doesn’t matter. Everything affects the body in one way or another and it is the tools from the 28 days that showed me how to be able to recognize the signs of stress in the body, identify why there was stress and how to reduce it.

Since completing the 28 days I have noticed a huge difference in myself. I not only feel great in my body, I look brighter and younger (as my husband keeps telling me) and I have learned to have more confidence in myself. I have seen such an incredible difference from the beginning of this journey to now, that I want to share and help others find the same joy of living in one’s vessel and living their best life.”

Before & After Photos:

28-Day Reset, 7-Day Reset

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Misty Williamson: Virtual Fascial Maneuvers Class Results

Before & After Photos:

Virtual Fascial Maneuvers Class

Can you spot the difference? Misty’s eyebrows, eyelids and mouth all lifted & her posture improved drastically- all in only 90 minutes.

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back_to_intuitiveliving on Instagram: Fascial Maneuvers Class Results

“Gratitude. I won’t lie, I’m going through a season. There’s a lot of transitions and fire we have been passing through. February and sometimes beyond has held this weird cycle for us. We’re working to break old habits/patterns. But old habits die hard.

I did this fascial reset exercise yesterday morning led by @humangarage and honest to goodness I felt immediate relief in my neck. But dang these these emotions have been flying out of the woodwork. Like long lost friends that I didn’t really want to see. Emotions and stories and memories (some good/some bad) playing with my mind.

So as I lay in bed at the end of a very emotionally intensive day with my three year old and my baby at my breast I felt myself feeling agitated over something trivial. My baby was feeling my frustration and my mild wasn’t letting down. I paused, closed my eyes, took and breath and started giving thanks aloud over all the blessings that surround me. Within one minute my three year old was asleep and my milk started flowing freely.

It’s a funny thing, gratitude. It shifts perspectives, heals the body and comforts the soul. It unites humans to each other and to their Creator. It grounds us and shows us what is real and good.

How has gratitude impacted your life?”

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kimberlys_pics on Instagram: Fascial Maneuvers Results

“You have no idea how powerful your work is. You are putting into words what I have tried to explain to doctors, family and friends for the last 25 years. Just to be validated, on everything I knew was happening, is everything for me. I always explained it to turning over in bed, and your nightshirt being twisted in the process. That’s how I felt on the inside. It was the only analogy I could come up with. But what you showed in this video in particular, is that one little twist by the shoulder throws breath off. That’s exactly it!! My body is so messed up at this point (…) but the validation has been extremely healing for me. Thank you for all you do!!”

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Maret Hawley: 7-Day Reset

“So it’s only been 6 days I’ve been doing the 7-Day Reset… but I was curious to see if there would already be a change, and honestly I am really surprised! my lips are pinker, I have a mole that literally changed places under my chin… my eyes are clearer…

What do you notice in these two pictures? I would love anyone’s input… thanks!”

Before & After Photos:

7-Day Reset

7-Day Reset

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Theresa Bravata: 7-Day Reset Results

“I really can’t offer up a big enough THANK YOU! Each of you and everything you’re doing, is AH-mazing. I’ve done the 1/3/7 day resets — next up, 28! I absolutely noticed the difference on day one. It was as if all my cells took a big breath in, and they stretched and yawned in ways they haven’t in yeeears. Subtle, but poooowerful. So effective for me in fact, that two days later I was teaching the moves to several staff members in the break room during the week, and my extended family members on the weekend! 🙂 I just ordered all of the supplements so I’ll be ready to rock and roll the 28 day when they arrive. Until then, I’m keeping up the stress reset and more(…) Thanks!”

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“Take advantage of this class everyone!! I did one live class and my body was able to heal a restriction that my physiotherapist has been unable to help me with for over a year! I have been walking and moving since then without pain.”

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