PowerCurc30™: The World’s First Full-Spectrum Curcumin Supplement

Powercurc30: The World's First Full-Spectrum Curcumin Supplement


Curcumin, a component of the herb turmeric, is one of the world’s greatest holistic medicines. The unique polypharmacology of this compound allows it to act on a multitude of molecular structures in the human body, creating a wide range of biological effects.

Curcumin interacts with enzymes, receptors, and signaling pathways- not just in people, but in other species from the animal kingdom as well. It lowers inflammation and stress and has proved to be an effective anti-carcinogen. Curcumin also crosses the blood brain barrier, making it a viable treatment for Alzheimer’s. It’s even been studied as an antidepressant! Because of its ability to lower inflammation, this compound is used to treat all kinds of conditions: rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Lyme, migraines, etc.


There are three elements that make curcumin the miracle treatment it is, referred to as curcumin I, II, and III.

Each of them inhibit different inflammatory pathways throughout the body- the main ones being NF-kB, MAPK, and MSK1.

What’s lesser known about curcumin supplements on the market is that most of them don’t contain curcumin III at all, and those that do only have trace amounts. In fact, lots of these supplements only contain curcumin I. It’s not commonplace to specific the curcuminoid proportions in a product.

But proportions make a huge difference in how well the body can utilize the benefits of curcumin! Curcuminoid III specifically targets the MSK1 pathway, which reduces intracellular stress and inflammation. Its absence from the turmeric and curcumin products available lessens their effectiveness.

It’s still helpful to ingest curcuminoids I and II, but the healing benefit of curcumin is diminished without the full spectrum of curcuminoids present.


Human Garage saw the need for a comprehensive curcumin product and decided to create our PowerCurc30™ formula! This is the first supplement on the market guaranteed to have at least 30% of curcuminoid III.

PowerCurc30™ is 125% stronger than any of its predecessors. Human Garage actually had to lower the dosage per capsule because the formula’s potency originally qualified it as a regulation drug!

This supplement is also currently being studied for approval as a treatment for COVID-19.

Members of the HG community have found an enormous benefit taking our supplements, PowerCurc30™ in particular. We have endless testimonials in our app of people describing how this one purchase changed their health. Those struggling with inflammatory skin conditions have especially noticeable differences in their before & after pictures.


These before & after photos were taken 7 days apart by Liz Longwell.

powercurc30 before and after

Longwell stated, “These amazing humans are a Godsend!!! PowerCurc30 is nothing short of a miracle. They introduced this product into my life and I am forever grateful.”

The pictures below are from Jenna Cain, who gave PowerCurc30™ to her daughter while she was breaking out in a rash. These photos are taken roughly three and a half days apart- her daughter made a full recovery!


When asked about the experience, Jenna said: “I utilized the powercurc30 with my daughter (who is 9 yrs old) recently after a rash appeared on her back and down the back of her legs. We had a rough couple of months with illness and a mouth surgery sprinkled in there as well. She was on multiple antibiotics and given an anxiety medication for the dental surgery. All to say it messed up her gut biome and the proof came to the surface on her skin, through her emotions and sleep disruption.

I incorporated 1 capsule of MassZymes, 1 capsule of P3-0M and 2 capsules of powercurc30 for 3 days one time each day. I mixed it into apple sauce to make it easier to ingest! After 3 days of supplements, and daily sessions of the organ reset, her skin issue resolved. She was able to navigate her emotions and get a good night’s rest! This experience has empowered me as a mother to use the knowledge I have gained through HG with my children. ”

I personally have found PowerCurc™ to be an excellent pain management tool. When I’m having a bad headache or back spasm, taking PowerCurc™ changes my pain level within 30 minutes. Sometimes, it makes the difference between having to stay home to rest and recover, or getting to go out and participate in life. I also much prefer taking an herbal supplement over painkillers with a laundry list of side effects.

If you want to experience the effects of PowerCurc30™ for yourself and improve your health, order a bottle for yourself today!