The Power of Water


The human body is 70% water. Bones are made of water. Fascia is in the bones and bones were made in the fascia.  Muscles, organs, tendons and nerves all live in fascia. The way that we look at fascia is to look at the human body as if it were Jell-O. Jell-O is 70% water. If you imagine putting 10 berries inside of a block of Jell-O, this would represent the 10 internal organs. Now take toothpicks and wrap them with elastic bands and this would represent our bones and muscles. Wrap that Jell-O in thin layer of Agar (gelatin) and that represents our skin. We are literally made of water in every way that we can think of.


Living in the the womb of our mothers (water) to living in the womb of the planet earth in the atmosphere. We are always in water, in a different form, but nevertheless, water. A fish doesn’t know it’s in water until you pull it out, and neither do we! Perception and awareness changes the way that the human body adapts to the world. We use science examples to show us how perception changes the way that we feel in our bodies.

I remember going to Science World with my kids 20 years ago, and they had all kinds of experiments that would trick the perception of the human mind and affect the body. There is an experiment were they take a rubber hand and place it in front of you while covering up your real hand. They stimulate both of your hands in different ways while you see the fake hand In front of you. Then they bring a hammer and smash the fake hand… everyone jumps and screams in pain! They’re smashing the fake hand but the brain still perceives pain. Then they take a torch to the fake hand burn it and again, people jump and scream in pain. These are all perceptions of the brain, and as we adjust the perceptions of the human mind the body adapts accordingly. These examples have been in my mind over the last decade as I’ve worked with people with all kinds of disabilities.


The most intriguing of all was people who had spinal cord injuries in which the spinal cord was not severed. Technically, they should be able to send a signal and move the body, but the trauma from the accident was disallowing them from doing so. For those of you who have had these injuries and have worked with us to regain movement, yes I’m talking about you!

Gill Montalvo is a pastor, a father, a philosopher, a quadriplegic and a client, who became a friend. He fell off a roof and as a result was a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. His son, Kevin, was one of my close friends and a partner in the first clinic in Newport Beach California. We were working with a PhD who discovered a way to enhance muscle performance by what he believed was connecting the brain to muscle movement. A decade later, we have much more evolved understand of what was happening. It wasn’t just the brain talking to muscles. The fascia’s interstitium (brain of the fascia) what is taking perceptual signals from the brain and moving the body and the muscle-skeletal nervous system was adapting the movement. The facia was moving in adopting and sending signals through the brain to the musculoskeletal system in milliseconds.

This new understanding led to an entirely new way to address movement in the human body. We were increasing flow and movement in the body, repairing injuries and improving performance. There is no science to back up what we were doing and we were basing our next step on the results that were happening. We chose to work with results over science, and as a result things that were happening that were not able to be validated by the current science.

What we were doing was re-educating the brains perception of movement by guiding the body through correct biomechanical movements creating a new movement pathway in minutes rather than months. Kevin looked at this and said “what if we could help my dad? This would change the world!” Kevin always saw the opportunity to help the rest of the world through helping each application of what we were learning and this became the guiding principal of how we looked at helping people. “ALWAYS LOOK FOR A BETTER WAY!”

So we began. I will spare you the details of the journey and move right to the end result which was Gil moved his hands for the first time in 20 years. By manually reengaging movement for him with our hands, and having him watch the movement and resist the movement with his mind, he was again perceiving movement and his body started moving again.

It was a breakthrough, and this understanding is leading to so many other findings based on understanding the movement of the body through fascia. We thought that the brain was driving the muscle action because this is the way that the world understands it. We now have the understanding that the interstitium (brain of the fascia) was taking perceptive signals for movement and translating it to the brain and the body was moving.

We discovered over the years that the fascia was not transmitting the signal to the body and that is why the body was not moving. The musculoskeletal system should have been able to move, because the spinal cord wasn’t severed. It was his fascia that was hurt, not his brain or musculo-skeletal nerve connection. As he begin to use his hand again, we began to change our belief in how the body worked.

Gil passed away approximately seven years later and I really wish that we knew then what we know now. I really believe we could have helped him use more than his hands. The fact that we could help him move meant that we could help others, and my simple rule was, if I could get it to happen once, I could get it to happen again!


Roger Bannister broke the “impossible” 4 minute mile in 1952,  and shortly afterwards people started breaking the impossible barrier that was set by our minds and 1400 other people have broken the 4 minute mile since then. “What we can perceive and believe we can achieve” said Napoleon Hill and now I believe.

The point is that there is so much more to understand about how the human body works and we are pushing these boundaries every single day now. There is way more to movement than just mechanics, and we are starting to explore all of these other influences daily. People who are quadriplegic, paraplegic or have neuromuscular disorders like multiple sclerosis MS or Cystic Fibrosis have been told by medicine and science that they will never walk again. This is no longer true, and eventually a way to simplify this process will be revealed. For those of you that have been a part of our investigation process, thank you. Your successes are informing the world that we can move past diagnosis and help people move again freely without pain.