Life Reset Experience

Cancun, Mexico

We are inviting Members of our community from around the world to learn, move and connect in the jungle of Cancun, Mexico at Akasha Urban Sanctuary in November of 2022

This is an incredible opportunity to learn in depth about your body, how to heal yourself and help others while having fun and connecting with the Human Garage community.

Why Should I Come?

Experience and live the lifestyle

  Our Intentions For Your  

  • Experience: a taste of the Human Garage LifeStyle in person
  • Move: in nature, participate in Fascial Maneuver classes and hands-on partner Maneuvers
  • Connect: with like-minded individuals from all around the world
  • Learn: about your body, how to help yourself heal as well as others
  • Have fun: play like a kid without guilt, shame, and fear
  • Replenish: with high-energy, healthy, and natural organic foods
  • Communicate: together with authentic, open-ended, deep, and meaningful conversations
  • Help people: by participating in the creation of Human Garage programs and content for the future
  • Make An Impact: and help people and communities learn to live a healthy, happy, and more fulfilling life

  Our Core Values  

    • To be compassionate to myself and those around me
    • To express how I feel in the moment
    • To express my beliefs openly
    • To express my wants over my needs
    • To listen to understand
    • To make things simple
    • To be transparent in all situations
    • To be honorable in all of my relationships
    • To have fun

  The Fundamental Experience 

Anyone can apply

Dates: Nov 16th – 20th, 2022

  • 4 Nights / 5 Days (including travel days)
  • 3 Days – Movement, education, & healing

Cost: (in USD)

Shared Room = $1750
Single Room = $1950

Airfare to Cancun not included
Airport code: CUN

  Who Is This For?  

Anyone can apply. But, with limited spots available we will be favouring members of our community that are currently in our app, in the reset programs and ready for the next step in their journey! You will learn the fundamentals of healing your body and helping others over the course of 3 days. You will get the opportunity to participate in live Fascial Maneuver Classes, Assisted hands-on Partner exercises and more.

You will get to meet & work with the entire Human Garage team, Fascial Maneuver Coaches and LifeStyle Artists. We will guide you through the essentials tools, tips and tricks you need to embody a healthy lifestyle and transform your life.

  What’s Included?  

Hive Hotel – Cancun Mexico

    • 4 nights
    • Breakfast at hotel
    • Hotel wellness centre – includes spa, yoga and meditation room, and sauna
    • Co-working space

Meals: Lunch & Dinner (excluding check-in/check-out days)

    • Organic and fresh choices
    • Beach dining locations (dinner)

Transportation: To/from Akasha Retreat Centre for Human Garage events

  The Experience   

Retreat Center:
Akasha Urban Sanctuary – Cancun, Mexico

Three days of movement, education, healing and connection with the Human Garage team and community. Learn the fundamentals to reset and transform your life.


Akasha Urban Sanctuary



  • Magical Garden
  • All products, and supplies are organic, craft, or hand-made by local people, fair trade, and sustainable.
  • Bonfire
  • Water Fountains
  • Fishpond
  • Wi-fi
  • Dedicated workspaces
  • Areas to facilitate workshops and classes indoors or outdoors

What We Believe

Get a deeper insight into Human Garage

  • We believe the body was designed to heal itself
  • We believe you should know your body better than anyone else
  • We believe you should have the tools to heal and help yourself
  • We believe toxic chemicals in our food and environment are a massive contributor to stress and disease
  • We believe emotions impact the body
  • We are meant to play games and have fun
  • Children and adults should learn from each other
  • Children should be raised by the community
  • Education should be free and available to all
  • Failure should be encouraged
  • Privacy is harmful to oneself and those around us
  • Everyone should feel safe to be themselves
  • Each person has a purpose within the community
  • Each person has a responsibility that supports the community
  • Creating a toxic/chemical free environment is essential to healthy living
  • Work should not feel like a chore but should be integrated into our life
  • Teaching others is the best way to learn and embody a concept
  • Each person should be measured against the communities core values
  • In cooking and eating together
  • In moving, breathing, and setting intentions together
  • Expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions is necessary to live a healthy life
  • Movement is life
  • Diagnosis and self-limiting labels are harmful
  • One must take care of them self first before helping others
  • Everything comes down to vibration and frequency
  • Physical circumstances are a way to understand what is happening in the energetic world
  • Dysfunction begins when there is a mismatch between the energetic and physical world
  • There should be acknowledgment and respect for the elders in the community