The Effects of EMF on the Human Body

the effects of EMF on the human body


The modern world has evolved into what once was considered a far-fetched genre of science fiction. Everywhere you turn, we’re surrounded by technology. You can’t speak without an Alexa chiming in, or your iPhone sending you a targeted advertisement on the topic of conversation. A lot of the wireless devices that fill our homes (or stay directly on our person) emit electromagnetic fields, which are energies generated by electrically charged particles. There’s a wide variety of electromagnetic fields (EMF), ranging from low-frequency fields produced by power lines and home appliances, to radio waves, microwaves, and those created by wireless tech.

All of these examples are of non-natural fields. There are also naturally occurring electromagnetic fields generated by the sun and the earth. The human body evolved to be in harmony with natural EMF; the health of our own electromagnetic field is directly impacted by our exposure to sunlight and grounding. There’s been concern and evidence that non-natural fields are harming human health.


The effects of EMF on human biology is still being studied, but there are some facts we know for certain.

Human anatomy is complex, and its cells and tissues generate and interact with EMF. For example, the nervous system, brain, and heart all produce their own electrical signals. When our natural signals interact with man-made EMF, it causes problems.

  1. Thermal Effect: High levels of EMF, like that generated by a microwave, can cause our tissues to heat up (this causes inflammation!)
  2. Non-thermal Effects: There’s research to suggest that exposure to low-level EMF (like wireless phones or speakers) affects sleeping patterns and cognitive function.
  3. Electro-sensitivity: Some people have been recorded to experience symptoms from all levels of EMF exposure. They report headaches, dizziness, and fatigue from prolonged exposure. While this response is still being studied, the working label for this issues is “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS).


If you experience EHS or are otherwise concerned about the effects of exposure, there are several practical steps to take.

  1. Distance: When you don’t need to use your cell phone, set it aside in a low traffic area of your home. If you’re out an about, place it in a purse of bag instead of in your pocket. You can also
  2. Limit Usage: Minimize the time you spend on devices- maybe set a screen time limit! spent Opt for hands-free options or speakerphone mode when you can to limit direct contact.
  3. Shielding: There are new EMF-blocking technologies that can prevent unwanted exposure. At Human Garage, we use EMF Rocks to store our tech when it’s not in use.
  4. Sleep Environment: Create a peaceful sleep environment by removing wireless devices from your room at night.
  5. Crystals: Some rocks, such as shungite and flourite, can actually absorb EMF! Try placing one of these crystals on top of your Wi-Fi router or keep one in your pocket.