Over the past few years I’ve observed that people no longer want to put up with working in a job they hate. They no longer want to pretend to be someone that they are not (just to fit in). They no longer want to live stressed and in pain. People have had enough and the world is ready for a change.

This has caused a massive shift in the market where companies like McDonalds are increasing their minimum wage significantly because they can’t convince people to work for them anymore. People all over the world are quitting jobs they no longer want to put up with so they can have their freedom back. Yet, they have no backup plan or certainty of the future. We are entering a time where people no longer want to choose their fear of stability (guaranteed food, water, friends and shelter) over their happiness, health and freedom.

I feel with this shift that people will become more and more independent. I feel like people will spend more time with those they truly care about and love, and less time with those they are just supposed to hangout with just because of status, boredom or lack of. I believe more and more people will have the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. And, that people will travel and/ or live in countries they would have never even dreamed of, thought of, or believed was possible. I believe that first world countries and third world countries are going to equalize living conditions, access to resources, technology, food and water.

People in first world countries are going to look at where they are living, how much they are spending to live there, and decide that they can live a more happy, fulfilling and enjoyable life somewhere else.

As soon as people feel safe enough to live in another country, see how much freedom they can gain from it and know that they will be able to meet like minded people and access appropriate resources to live, they will do it!

As it becomes easier to communicate with people through a common language or innovative technology it becomes easier to move.

As technology continues to improve it makes it easier to connect with those we love from anywhere. It makes it easier to work from anywhere.

So why wouldn’t we?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? If you could work from anywhere, where would you work? And, what are the things that are anchoring you from living your best life?

I am excited to hear your thoughts about all of this in the comments below.

Boy oh boy, change is coming! I can feel it in the air. I’ve felt it for some time. This next year is the final cleansing of systems that no longer resonate with us, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Our healthcare, political, technological and economical systems are all about to change (for the better), making it a very exciting time to be alive.

Until next time,

Jason van Blerk


Human Garage