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Human Garage has spent the last decade looking for ways to live a healthy life. Through this discovery process we have tested hundreds of products from companies all over the world and we have shared our favourites below! All of these brands deliver high quality experiences and align with our mission. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!


The Alkaviva is a water filtration and ionization system that you hook up to your sink. It has significantly helped us with our hydration but also has added benefits like cleaning harmful chemicals off of our fruits and vegetables. 

Below you will find a discussion had with Water Expert Shayne about water and the Alkaviva System. 

Podcast #1

Podcast #2


Discount: 10 to 20% depending on product + extended warranty. 

Email to receive your discount. 

We’ve been using BiOptimizers to clean out our digestive system and rebuild healthy gut bacteria for years. We use both the MassZymes (a digestive enzyme) and P30M’s (a probiotic) in our 28 day life reset and discuss them in further detail in our supplement guide. 

Below you will find two discussions with co-founder of BiOptimizers Wade Lightheart talking about how to take back control of your digestion. 

Podcast #1

Podcast #2


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We’ve been using Essential Oil Wizardry since we ran our clinic in Venice, California. Nick, the founder is truly passionate about his oils and puts a lot of care and attention into creating the best products possible. We hope that you enjoy these oils as much as we do!! Our favourites are the Chakra Set, Peppermint, Evolve and Psychic Protection. 

Below you will find different podcasts we have done with Dr. Nick about his oils and how to use them. 

Podcast #1 – Chakra Set

Podcast #2 – Emotional Well-Being

Podcast #3 – Pain & Inflammation

Podcast #4 – Spiritual & Cermonial Sets

Podcast $5 – Immune & Respiratory Support


Discount Code: humangarage

Cacao has been a super powerful method to open up our hearts and emotional centres. It stimulates energy, focus, enhances mood and is a high source of iron and magnesium.

We’ve tested dozens of brands on the market and this has turned out to be our favourite! They use raw, organic cacao beans and don’t add any unnecessary chemicals or processing.  


Discount Code: humangarage

We believe highly supportive shoes are hurting our feet!

The part of the brain that gets information from the feet is the same size as the part of the brain that gets information from the hands. Take away this feedback and the brain gets confused, resulting in unskilful movement and pain.

We’ve been wearing vivo’s since our clinical days as they allow us to maintain foot mechanics and sensory processing while walking around the city!

Below you will find a podcast we did with Andrew Bentley from Vivobarefoot. 



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