If you’re a medical doctor alternative or holistic, bodywork practitioner or sports and athletic trainer:

Fascia – A new understanding of the body & how to use Fascial Maneuvers in your practice to help patients reduce dis-ease & discomfort in their bodies.

Introductory Fascial Maneuvers Training Workshop for Licensed Practitioners hosted in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

8 June 2024 – Practitioner Workshop – Transforming Trauma World Tour 2024

In 2020,

We embarked on an intriguing journey known as ‘fascial maneuvers.’

Imagine a decade of clinical work alongside Olympic athletes, award-winning artists, and solution seekers.

Over 200,000 sessions later,

We delved deep into the human body. Initially, we believed fascia held the solution, but our efforts inadvertently exacerbated the issue.

The traditional approach was inconsistent. Effective for some yet failing for others.

So, we hit the reset button. Fresh perspectives emerged and we got new fascial insights. The results were Astonishing.

Results that we had never seen before in a clinical setting.

We even applied these techniques to ourselves, undergoing a personal healing protocol.

And now, fueled by our discoveries…

We’re passionate about sharing these transformative maneuvers with you – the practitioner – in the Fascial Maneuvers Workshop on June 8th, 2024. 

This Workshop is for you if:

  • You believe the body was designed to heal itself
  • You believe there is a missing link to human care
  • You are looking for new ways to help your clients
  • You are looking for ways to transform your own body
  • You want new tools to help your clients
  • You are interested in learning how to work with fascia
  • You want to partner in the care of your clients rather than being solely responsible for fixing them

  In This Workshop You’ll Learn:  

1) The 5 Fundamental laws of working with fascia

2) Our theories of fascia and the human body

3) Simple and effective manual fascial release techniques that can be done on and off the table

4) Simple and effective self-care techniques to give your clients to improve results

Here is footage from Practitioners Workshop In British Columbia, Canada 2022. 

On the day:

You will be covering the three aspects of evaluation, treatment, and movement.

Three groups of 30 peopleFurther, broken down into 10 groups of three. 

More information about the workshop

  • Each working session is 90 minutes
  • Each participant will receive assist and perform treatment
  • 1.5 hours Fascial maneuvers theory, and Q&A 
  • Video of the work will be recorded, edited and provided back to the participants. (We reserve all of the rights for content)
  • DATE: 8 June 2024
  • TIME: 9:00am – 3:00pm CEST
  • LOCATION: LOFT Hotel Bratislava ** Štefánikova 4 811 05 Bratislava
  • Directions
  • COST: $325 USD | €300 EUR

Please Note: Participants must be a medical doctor alternative or holistic, bodywork practitioner, sports and athletic trainer.

Participants must be able to both deliver and receive work to have basic functional movement.

Participants will be invited to go a 28-Day program content of Fascial maneuvers before the event

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