Parents Healing Their Children with Fascial Maneuvers


The spread of Human Garage’s mission has already made massive global impacts- and one of most revolutionary is the rise of parents healing their children using our philosophies.

Children are the most sensitive among us. Their development is continually disrupted by environmental stressors, one of the worst being chemical exposure. Never before in history have the youth around the world been so sick and tired before having the chance to grow old!

Parents witnessing their children’s struggle feel like their hands are tied. Some feel like they are failing as caretakers because they don’t know how to help.

Many folks have ended up in the Human Garage community seeking restoration for their kids. We’ve seen parents healing their children using the fascial maneuvers and our guideposts for cleaning your environment with amazing results!

Emmaly Holst is one such parent. Her baby was suffering from severe rashes, digestive issues, and mood problems. It was incredibly painful for Emmaly to witness her child being ostracized by other families. When judgement and fearfulness toward her son’s noncontagious condition started to affect his social development, she knew she had to do something.

Emmaly was able to help her baby by cleaning their environment of harmful chemicals, and by doing gentle fascial maneuvers on him. The results are incredible.

These photos are from December 2022:






This photo is from February 2023!

Emmaly’s son has made a near full recovery!

The problems that change a course of a child’s life can often be treated with simple solutions. Parents healing their children just need the right support and information! That’s why Human Garage is open-sourcing healthcare by providing free education and programs- we want to empower you to heal yourself, and those you love.