Overcoming Fear with Human Garage

Paula Sharpe is an artist and author, as well as one of Human Garage’s most active Lifestyle Artists. She entered the program battling mental health challenges and has emerged a brand new person!

In her own words, Paula says:

“I found the Human Garage and started off with their one day reset, I graduated to all their resets. I felt called to complete all of them, 6 months later I’m in their lifestyle artist program and it has changed my life and my perception. I struggled with loads of anxiety, worry, doubt, fear. Since starting fascial maneuvers I have found inner standing and wholeness within myself. I’ve learned pain is not something to fear. I’ve learned the body speaks and if you listen it will guide you in the right step. Here is a picture of my progress in time. My eyes aren’t as sunk in, my face is symmetrical, my jaw has widened and my face is no longer swollen like it was. This program changed my life, and it can change and transform yours, too (…) Love you!”

Anyone who has completed the 28-Day Reset is encouraged to apply to the Lifestyle Artist program. It’s self-paced and a new group is inducted at the beginning of each astrological season (the next group begins in Leo season!) If you’re interested in becoming a Lifestyle Artist, you can expect to grow physically, emotionally, and perceptually by accessing some of Human Garage’s favorite content. Once you’ve completed the course, you have continuous access to weekly Lifestyle Artist meetups and exclusive invitations to visit the Human Garage team at one of our retreat centers. To see the same progress and growth from the inside out as Paula, apply today!

Paula has begun hosting her own fascial maneuver classes recently in Kentucky. Follow her on Instagram @big.papapaula to stay in the know for her next class, and to see her gorgeous art! Here’s one of her recent completed works: