Twisted Bodies, Twisted Emotions, Twisted Thoughts, & Twisted Perceptions.

We have observed everywhere we go chemicals are in our food, care products, and environment. Poor nutrition, inadequate education, stressful living and work environments have caused the body to twist, torque and break down. The world is changing with social pressure and programming rapidly rising. Mental health, suicide and disease are at an all time high. An overwhelming number of people are looking for solutions, seeking specialists from all areas of care to help them adapt to this changing world. As a result people are lost, frustrated, exhausted and starting to give up hope on feeling healthy and having fun in their life again.

Unwinding The Problem

We believe the body was designed to heal itself and when a person was willing to actively take responsibility in the process, they were successful. This was the missing link to all care. We believe by sharing easily accessible, simple and practical solutions to problems that arise in people’s lives, people will want to know more and begin their journey of self-transformation. 

Our Mission

To inspire over one billion people around the world to heal themselves while removing the financial barriers that stand in the way


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Our Vision

We see a world where billions of people have the power to heal themselves and have taken back control of their health again. The Fascial Maneuvers have been embedded into schools, culture, hospitals and sports teams. People are practicing them all over the world, in different languages, and using them to improve their lives. A world where health education is completely open sourced and accessible to everyone around the world that needs it. 

We believe

  • The body holds emotions, chemicals and trauma with stress being at the origin of all disease. First eliminate the stress then let the body heal itself.
  • Fascia is the most powerful organ in the body. It holds the muscles, bones, organs and nervous system. When we reprogram the fascia the body transforms mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Our bodies are constantly adapting to the environment. The more extreme the environment, the more extreme the adaptations.
  • In creating a toxic/chemical free, organic environments. There are harmful chemicals in our food, care products and environment. Without cleaning the environment we are constantly exposed to stressors that lead to disease. 
  • Walking barefoot, moving in nature, and expressing our emotions have a massively positive impact on our health
  • Cooking and eating together is a powerful way to connect and build community
  • Our words, narratives and labels can either limit us or liberate us. 
  • Everything comes down to frequency and vibration.

Our Core Values

Communicate in real time

Listen to understand

To make things simple

Be flexible and adaptable

Be caring and compassionate

Be honorable in all relationships

Always look for a better way

Have fun