Defying the Odds: My Healing Journey with Lupus and Congestive Heart Failure

I wanted to share where my journey is at this point in my life. If you have been following @humangarage for some time, I am the one that has been posting about healing my gangrene finger (see below) with the fascial maneuvers and 28 day life reset.

To give a bit more context about my story, I was diagnosed with Lupus in December 2013. Everything was stable and calm through diet, exercise and medication up until 2017, when I went through a stressful period and it started affecting my kidneys (protein in my kidneys). I got infusions of medication and I was able to control my Lupus in less than a year and reduce my medication.

I found @humangarage in late February 2022 and started practicing the fascial maneuvers daily. I completed the 28 day life reset twice with supplements; I really feel I healed faster during this period.

Last November, I went to the ER with pain under my ribs (making it hard to breathe) and my thighs down to my feet were swollen. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Prior to this, I spent 3 months being a caretaker for my dog and cat who passed away a month within each other. The grief and stress really impacted my Lupus and as a result affected my heart. My ejection fraction was at 25%, normal is at 55-60%. When I was initially diagnosed, my cardiologist told me that I shouldn’t expect a quick recovery. To get back to normal, it would take years I was told.

During this time, I continued doing my fascial maneuvers, took a 3 month leave of absence from work, started weekly therapy sessions and followed the medication per my doctor. For 2 months, I fell into a state of nothingness. Nothing brought me joy, I was indifferent about life in general, I believe I fell into a state of depression. In this past month, things have improved significantly due to my efforts to get outside more. Yesterday I took an echocardiogram and we have found that my heart is back to normal rate at 55-60%, 6 months after being diagnosed.

I knew my body would defy the odds and heal. Of course, the journey still continues. I am eternally grateful I found @humangarage, this community has truly changed my life. I have found a community that allows and supports me to show up as I am.

Thank you Garry, Cynthia and Jason, this healing has had a profound effect on me and my own community ♥️

Becca Kwong

@becca_kwong on Instagram