To heal from Trauma, we need to address the body & mind. Not only the mind. 

We believe (and taught millions worldwide) that Fascial Maneuvers can access the body’s natural healing capabilities and help you release stuck emotions that’s keeping you in dis-ease.

Only 500 tickets available.

Let’s dive into it quickly…

Just like animals, the human body has natural mechanisms to release stress after a traumatic event.

Where our methods as a Western culture have fallen short up till now is that most of us believe stress, trauma & emotions only affect the mind.

But that’s not the full story…

Trapped emotions get embedded in our body, tissues, organs and fascia that cause mental and physical disease. Dis-Ease in the body. 

When we deal with the body & mind, big, massive shifts occur in our overall well-being.

These trapped emotions might look like auto-immune diseases, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, cancer or other illnesses on the surface – but very often there’s more to it…

  • Maybe you never felt good enough for your parents.
  • Maybe something traumatic happened and you never knew how to completely deal with it.
  • Maybe you carry years of regret, shame, guilt, heartache & fear.
  • Maybe you learned to keep your emotions inside, as a defense mechanism against your environment & the people around you.

Whatever it is. Whatever emotions & memories you have locked up…

They put a lot of stress on our bodies, and we need to release that stress from our system so that we can move back to equilibrium where the nervous system feels safe and we feel loved, connected & confident.

Grab your spot at the los angeles event

Only 500 tickets available.

Thousands of people. Healing at the same time. At one location.

This brings us to the next point…

To go through Trauma, to cry, and to express bottled up emotions – the human body needs to feel safe.

Safe from being judged, criticized or shamed for allowing the body to move in ways that seem “unnatural” to the average person.

Potentially even look “scary” … But these movements are part of our nature.

Imprinted in our DNA. It’s an incredible mechanism used by our bodies to recover from stress BUT…


That’s where live in-person events come in…

Thousands show up to these events and they all have the same – crystal clear – intention… 

“It’s time for me to heal”

Nodules on her thyroid disappeared.

“To be in an environment with other people who are all working through trauma, is healing all of us.”

Grab your spot at the los angeles event

Only 500 tickets available. Kids under 17 is Free.

Think about it for a second.

Every single person you will see around you has the same intention as you.

Thousands of people who went through similar events & periods that have scarred and affected their lives for as long as they can remember.

All of them.

Doing the same movements. At the exact same time. With the same goal.

This IS safety.

People who don’t criticize or judge but embrace and accept. That’s where we as humans connect and generate incredible healing power.

Had pain after surgery.
“I’ve had so much relief”

Paralysed Nerve Damage Surgery

When you heal –
It helps others to heal themselves too.

The more your body relaxes and let go of stress, the more you co-regulate those around you. Even though we aren’t aware of it – our nervous systems communicate with each other.

You can “feel” when some is stressed or relaxed… This is your nervous system communicating with mine.

Just imagine thousands of people doing this for a day. Letting go of fear, grief and shame to help each other heal from our past & present.

An immensely powerful force for healing Dis-Eases in the body.

Grab your spot at the los angeles event

Get your tickets to Event #2 in Los Angeles – Saturday 25 May

The main event will be led by Human Garage founders, Garry Lineham, Cynthia Leavoy, Jason Van Blerk, and Aisha Rodrique.

It will be a packed day with movement, healing, and connection. We’ll have Human Garage supplements & t-shirts along with various vendors, partners, and products that we use to keep our bodies healthy & free from harmful chemicals.

We can’t wait to move with you! Get your tickets & be part of history!

  EVENT DETAILS    Transforming Trauma – Los Angeles, USA

  • Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2024
  • Time: 10am to 3pm Pacific /
    Local time
  • Location –
    Calamigos Ranch
    327 Latigo Canyon Rd
    Malibu, CA 90265

  • Tickets: Adults $80 / USD
    Kids 17 & younger is FREE.
  • Onsite parking included

Why Should I Come?

Learn how to self-heal and release trauma

  Why Join Us For The World Tour? 

  • Release stress, trauma, and emotions from your body.
  • Learn more about the fascial maneuvers and how to heal yourself.
  • Meet the founders of Human Garage & the entire Human Garage team
  • Move and connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

What We Believe

Get a deeper insight into Human Garage

  • We believe the body was designed to heal itself
  • We believe toxic chemicals in our food and environment are a massive contributor to stress and disease
  • We believe emotions impact the body
  • Expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions is necessary to live a healthy life
  • Diagnosis and self-limiting labels are harmful
  • Physical circumstances are a way to understand what is happening in the energetic world
  • Dysfunction begins when there is a mismatch between the energetic and physical world