LIVE SESSION: Healing Scoliosis

This is a live recorded session where Gary Lineham performed fascial maneuvers on Quinne, a 21-year-old woman with 25-degree scoliosis. Quinne’s family assisted and supported her during the session. Gary did various maneuvers to release tension and adhesions in Quinne’s ribcage, hips, and other areas. After working on her for over an hour, Gary and others noticed improvements in Quinne’s posture, balance, and gait. Before and after photos showed a reduction in her scoliosis curve and other physical changes like a flatter stomach. Quinne reported feeling improvements as well. The session provided education on how emotions can contribute to scoliosis and how fascial maneuvers can help resolve it over time with consistent practice.


0:01:14 – Quinne has a 25-degree scoliosis that Gary estimates may have been 20-25 degrees. She is 21 years old.

0:14:29 – Quinne and her family have been doing fascial maneuvers as a family since February.

0:31:16 – Quinne notices her walk feels more even and solid after walking to integrate the work.

0:35:23 – Gary notices more movement in Quinne’s torso and hips while she walks.

0:44:07 – Gary works on Quinne’s ribcage, separating the layers of fascia.

0:59:06 – Before and after photos are taken to document the changes.

1:09:15 – In the after photo, Quinne’s scoliosis curve is reduced, and her posture and physical changes are apparent.

1:13:54 – Quinne reports feeling very good and that she will likely sleep well after the deep work.