Live hypnosis session, Lyme Disease & Autoimmune issues| IG LIVE (Must Watch)

Gary Lineham hosted a lively live meeting focused on astrology, health and emotional release. The discussion began with several guests sharing their astrological signs and experiences. Daniela, a 29 degree Leo, opened up about releasing long held anger and trauma from her past. Heaven then shared her experience of sensations in her body during a sound bath, which Gary linked to suppressed emotions.

Renowned hypnotist Jim Curtis then led the group in a guided meditation and hypnosis session. This experience seemed to facilitate emotional release for several participants. Gary discussed how emotions like fear, anger and resentment are stored physically in the body. He explained that these suppressed feelings, as well as toxins like chemicals, can lead to inflammation and health issues. Advice was given on ways for the guests to further release emotions like anger. This included communication, fascia bodywork techniques, and changing limiting beliefs around expressing oneself.

The meeting provided an insightful and supportive space for learning, sharing and working through emotional blocks. Astrology, hypnosis and body-centered practices were utilized as tools for emotional and physical healing.


[0:00:00] – Start of the live 

[0:41:08] – Heaven shares her experience in a sound bath 

[1:20:04] – Jim Curtis leads the group in a guided hypnosis meditation 

[1:23:53] – Discussion of releasing emotions from the body like fear 

[1:35:39] – Discussion of anger and resentment as emotions less than fear

 [1:44:10] – Advice given on how to facilitate releasing anger 

[1:46:23] – End of the live