Human Garage | LifeStyle Artist

We’ve created a transformation process so simple that we are teaching everyday people in this program to master their lifestyle through the mind, body, emotions, nutrition, and energetics.

Program Details

In this program, we will guide you through the fundamental principles to heal yourself and live a healthy life. Once complete, you will have access to continuing education with open format community discussions and specialized workshops that we host on various topics with recordings available for those who can not participate live. All of our content will be available for you to consume at your own pace from the Fundamentals all the way up to the most advanced hands-on training. Those who dedicate them self to the practice and excel in the process may see opportunities with Human Garage present themselves. Our objective is to hold space and empower you to take this practice as far as you want.


Average completion time 8 weeks


  • How to open up fascia with your own hands
  • How to create fascial maneuvers specific to your needs
  • How to become Fascially Aware
  • How to tune into your energetic field
  • How to connect with and manage your emotions
  • The fundamentals of cleaning your environment
  • The fundamentals of fasting and nutrition
  • The philosophies of the body from the way we see it
  • How to guide your friends and family


  • Access to continuing education, exclusive podcasts, video content and more.

  • Monthly Q&A Calls & community discussions

  • Access to exclusive community of Fascial Maneuver Coaches and LifeStyle Artists

  • Community Mentorship

Our Selection Process

We are looking for the top applicants around the world to join us in the LifeStyle Artist Program. 
This is not your conventional workshop or program it is a commitment to heal yourself and help others.
You can’t pay your way into our programs, you have to earn it by taking care of yourself and showing that you are willing to help others. 


  • The 28 Day Life Reset

Weekly Meetups  

Wednesday & Sundays


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Fundamentals Syllabus

1. Introductions
2. Building a Human

Most, view the body as bio-mechanical structures, while we view the body as bio-hydraulic balloons. We considered atmospheric pressure, gravity, and fluid systems in our approach.

Learn the body from the way we see it and understand the pieces involved. The best part, we don’t like to wear white coats and talk over people’s heads. We’ve made it easy simple and easy to understand.

3. Fascial-Awareness Training

Call this self-awareness training, on steroids. We grapple with society’s programming to re-connect with ourselves. Taking us back to a time when we were intuitive, heart-centric babies. Uncover hidden emotions, see the unseen, break free from old, frustrating patterns that run your life.

4. Fundamentals of self-care

Flow with your own hands, create your own move. Learn the 5 easy steps to unlock your fascia from tight and painful to mobile and flexible. Gather the tools to create Fascial Maneuvers specific to your needs.

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