LifeStyle Artist Program

Welcome to the LifeStyle Artist, self-paced, community driven program. 

Through this program we are going to dive deep into our core philosophies around health, wellness, spirituality, lifestyle, relationships and energetics. Our goal is for you to master your mind, body and emotions, while becoming extremely self-aware and aligned with your personal mission, in the hopes that you get one step closer to your dream life!

We’ve seen people go through this program that aren’t doing what they want in their life, feeling stuck, tired and ready for a change. And, shortly after, coming out a completely different person: happy, healthy, aligned and excited for the future. 

Some people speed through the program in a few short weeks, while it takes others a few months. It all depends on how much time they have and how committed they are to their self-transformation journey. 

We’ve mapped out 43 exercises for you to go through, at your own pace, that include fascial maneuvers, workshops, and journaling exercises. 

We meet weekly to discuss what’s going on in your life, to answer questions, and share more in depth our philosophies with you. This is an amazing opportunity to meet other people in the program, learn from each other, and create deep, long lasting relationships with people from all over the world. 

And, to reward you for all the hard work you’ve put into taking care of yourself, we offer opportunities to attend lifestyle artist retreats, workshops, classes and more. 

The fun has just begun.

We look forward to connecting with you on a much deeper level while seeing you step into the real you; without the trauma’s, without the social programming, and without the inputs of others. 

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  1. The Power of Reflection
  2. Self-Care Mobility Masterclass
  3. Releasing Energy through Movement, Jack of All vs Mastery, How Belief can Save You, Fasting & Emotions
  4. Movement Masterclass #1
  5. What is Healthy to you?
  6. More on Diatomaceous Earth
  7. You can only help those who are moving towards you
  8. Boundaries in Relationships
  9. Movement Masterclass #2
  10. Learning from Ancient Scripts & Guru’s, Mapping the Journey to your Purpose, Dopple-Gangers, Garry Reads a Special Piece, Every Soul
  11. Hows it going?
  12. Movement MasterClass #3
  13. Really getting to know yourself
  14. Water Vibrating at Different Frequencies
  15. A Message For You | Your Unique Path
  16. Cleaning your Environment, Supplements & a New Perspective on Human Movement
  17. 7 Steps to Goal Setting
  18. Unwinding the Heart
  19. Movement MasterClass #4
  20. Sand Vibrating at Different Frequencies
  21. Assessing & Repairing Relationships
  22. Food & Emotions, Frequency, Vibration & Tuning In, How we view the body, Mechanics of Movement
  23. The Rice Experiment
  24. Intermediate Fascial Maneuvers Class ft. Garry Lineham
  25. Fascia Magnified 25x
  26. How pain works, Archetypes & Patterns, Frequency of Sand, Water, & Fascia, Tuning in to the Energetics, What is Pain
  27. Archetypes & Relationships
  28. Chakras & Astrology
  29. Fascial Maneuvers Class ft. Cynthia Leavoy
  30. Reticular Activating System, Re-training Habits, Archetypes & Finding Patterns, Navigating Changes w/ Family & Friends
  31. How’s it going?
  32. Mudras & Mantras to Balance Chakras
  33. Milly Channels for Zary & Steps into her Power
  34. The Flee Experiment
  35. Review Questions
  36. Advanced Fascial Maneuvers Class ft. Garry Lineham
  37. Fascial Maneuvers for Sex, Building Healthy Relationships, Re-evaluating Relationships in Society
  38. Review Questions
  39. The Lady in Number 6 | A story about seeing the light even in the darkest moments
  40. Review Questions
  41. Final Check in
  42. After Photos
  43. Interview with Human Garage LifeStyle Artist Host


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