Generational Trauma, Physical Pain, & Healing

The key topics discussed in the meeting included:

– Gary conducting healing sessions over the livestream with two callers, Courtney and Jenny, to help release past trauma through guided movements, affirmations and energy work.

– Gary providing astrology readings for Courtney and Jenny to identify patterns related to their healing journeys and roles as community healers, and giving guidance and recommendations.

– Gary sharing his perspectives on conditions like Lyme disease, emphasizing energetic/emotional causes over solely biological explanations, and discussing his success treating thousands of similar cases.

– Gary recommending supplement protocols, daily fascia releases and other practices to support ongoing healing for the callers and others listening.

– Gary promoting upcoming teacher trainings and opportunities for people to get involved with the Human Garage through classes, donations, volunteer work or joining future meetings and events.

Some key timestamps from the livestream meeting include:

0:00 – Introduction and welcome from Gary Lineham

6:57 – Gary reads Courtney’s astrology chart and provides guidance

23:02 – Technical difficulties during Jenny’s reading are resolved

29:20 – Gary shares perspectives on conditions like Lyme disease

35:22 – Jenny reports improvements after a healing session

43:37 – Gary recommends practices to support ongoing healing

54:06 – Gary discusses his own experiences with the legal system

1:00:26 – Opportunities to get involved with Human Garage are promoted

1:33:00 – Closing comments and thanks from Gary