How to Heal Parkinson’s Disease

how to heal parkinson's disease


People with Parkinson’s are told they have an incurable disease. Their treatment plans are targeted at managing symptoms, not resolving the root cause of their ailments. There’s a feeling of resignation that comes with accepting an unchangeable diagnosis- if you believe it to be so.

But it IS possible to heal Parkinson’s. Human Garage Lifestyle Artist, Deidre Freer, is using our movement philosophy to help her sister-in-law, Lori, heal Parkinson’s disease.

Did you catch that? Lori says: “My disease is not really a disease- it’s not something that can’t be handled or turned around with some help.” That powerful statement is a perfect example of how changing your mindset- changing your belief about a condition- is the gateway to healing it.

Lori also demonstrates another necessary part of recovery through her willingness to receive help! She had already tried pharmaceutical drug therapy to treat her mobility problems. When Deidre came in with a new idea about how to help, Lori was open to trying it.

She says herself that the first week of fascial maneuvers was more effective than ten years of medication to help her walk again.

Here are Lori’s before and after photos, taken one month apart:

heal parkinson's before and after 1 month of fascial maneuvers

You can see her facial symmetry improving, and her eyes are much brighter and lifted!


Human Garage believes that chronic dehydration is one of the main causes of disease and dysfunction- Parkinson’s included.

Dehydration of fascial tissue stops the flow of information between fascia, the brain, and other organs, which can manifest in the form of memory loss, loss of hand and brain function.

As we’ve discussed before on The Lifestyle Artist, even those carrying gallon jugs around may still be chronically dehydrated because of a lack of absorption. 98% of the population is currently in a state of chronic dehydration! Read this to learn more.

The best way to quickly resolve dehydration is to take silica and re-mineralize the body. Silica and water are the two building blocks of the body- if you’re addressing one, you’ve got to address the other! Minerals are essential because they allow to the body to actually absorb and then use water. Information flows freely through the body and detox pathways stay open when we are properly hydrated.

We recommend taking 4 capsules of our Fascial Foundation and 4 capsules of Fascial Flow each day (2 in the morning and 2 at night each) to those who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or dealing with similar symptoms. Fascial Foundation contains D.E. and Fascial Flow™ has sea moss, which carries 92 of the minerals used by the human body.

PowerCurc30 is also beneficial because it allows information to be released quickly throughout the fascia.


Some of the best maneuvers you can do for Parkinson’s disease are the Finger Releases. They are linked directly to brain function and how we think about our emotions.

We also recommend going through the entire Upper Body Reset. (If you have difficulty with hand placement, ask a friend or loved one to help you get situated. The best way is to have them place your hands in the right spot and secure them with their own.)


If you want to learn more about fascial maneuvers in real time, sign up for our next class!