How farming practices are impacting digestion

In this episode Wade discusses how cooking your food impacts the enzymes, how enzymes play a role in digestion, how farming practices impact how you digest, genetics for eating, the keto-genic diet, fiber and the bacteria in our microbiome.

0:00 – Introduction: The hierarchy of values and how to implement it.

4:31 – Leveraging sub-optimal genetics for blood sugar regulation.

9:15 – Geodesic domes and how they impact the body.

15:08 – How long do you need to be on a ketogenic diet?

20:48 – The new phenomenon of stress and stress absorption.

24:52 – The importance of fiber in the diet.

30:20 – Genetic diseases and how they impact the microbiome.

34:35 – Bacteria culture and the human genome.

40:07 – The good news is we all have strong computers.