How Cleaning Your Environment Can Save Your Life, Pt. 2

how cleaning your environment can save your life organic personal care


Cleaning your environment can be overwhelming, but Human Garage is here to help. Last week we talked about how cleaning chemicals impact the body & what do about them. This week we’re diving into the lesser known effects of the chemicals in our everyday textiles.


What is a forever chemical? The term describes polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl toxic compounds (PFAS) that are not biodegradable. Once released into the environment, they are extremely hard to break down. Forever chemicals spread across long distances once released; lingering in soil, air, water, and our bodies.

PFAS are manufactured by chemical companies and used by firefighters, the military, airports, and waste disposal areas. They are found in fire-fighting foam.

The U.S. military uses a lot of fire-fighting foam in its training exercises, the runoff of which has polluted water sources in an estimated 600 locations across the country.

Forever chemicals are used as surfactants because they repel oil and water. This means they’re often found in:

  • Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Food packaging
  • Nonstick pans and appliances
  • Dental floss
  • Nail polish


Forever chemicals take a toll on our biology. Almost all American residents tested for PFAS had detectable levels in their blood and tissues, but for those who live near contaminated environments, the effects are more severe.

Studies have found links between PFAS and many types of cancer affecting every organ system of the body. They also depress our immune systems- meaning exposure causes us to produce fewer antibodies.

These chemicals also lead to weight gain and diabetes. Because the toxins affect the way fat is metabolized, they can prevent mothers from breastfeeding as well.

PFAS exposure is especially hard on children and has been correlated with autism and developmental disorders.


Forever chemicals are unquestionably bad for the human body. Making the effort to remove them from your home is an important step in healing your body and transforming your life!

Eating organically at home is one way to avoid contact with chemicals found in take-out and restaurant food. Investing in a water filter can also stop PFAS from accumulating in your body from unsafe tap water.

Avoid nonstick cookware & do some research on your furniture and clothing to see if they might contain any adverse substances. Refer to EWG’s SkinDeep search engine for help with the identification process. Some brands also self-declare as PFAS free, making purchasing decisions simpler.

Almost everyone’s body is under stress from PFAS contamination. One of the best ways your can help you body’s natural healing process is by practicing the fascial maneuvers. Fascial maneuvers improve all detoxification efforts and remove fascial restrictions triggered by chemicals.