Healing Session for Horses

This is a live session recording where Garry Lineham helps Ruby Jean Albers with her horse Rocket. Rocket had torn tendons and an injury as a baby that prevented him from walking properly. Garry guides Ruby Jean in performing fascial release techniques like stretching, twisting, and pulling on different areas of Rocket’s body to help break up tight fascia and improve his movement patterns. By the end, Rocket is starting to walk better on his injured leg and use it more, showing that the fascial work helped improve his mobility and gait.


0:47 Working on Rocket’s shoulder area

2:34 Focusing on Rocket’s hips and tail

7:21 Releasing fascia around Rocket’s knees

11:15 Counterrotating Rocket’s hip by pulling his neck

14:07 Seeing improvement in Rocket’s gait and weight bearing after the session

Some key moments in the transcript include:

 – Garry instructs Ruby Jean to lift and twist Rocket’s shoulder to help free up movement 

– Working on Rocket’s hips and tail area to open up the large intestine meridian 

– Stretching and twisting the skin and fascia around Rocket’s knees 

– Having Ruby Jean pull Rocket’s neck to counterrotate his hip 

– Seeing Rocket start to walk better and put more weight on his injured leg after the fascial release techniques