Full Moon, Facing your fears, Emergency Broadcast, Global Events | Astro Monday

In this Episode, Garry and Christopher Witecki from Sirius Joy discuss the astrological forecast for the coming week of October 2nd-9th. Some key points discussed:

– The full moon last week brought changes as predicted, and we are now moving from an inner to outer focus.

– Black Moon Lilith will be entering Virgo starting this week, bringing up health and system-related fears that need to be faced and overcome. 

– Mars crossing the South Node on Wednesday will cut ties to unhealthy relationships.

– This week involves reconciling relationships with oneself and one’s life, leading to commitments being made next week.

– An emergency broadcast test is scheduled for step 11 on Wednesday which aligns with important astrological influences.

– Events and decisions made now will have global impacts by next summer according to the astrological transits.

– A 40 day astrology-focused personal development program called “40 Days of Truth and Purpose” was announced starting October 23rd.


0:00 – Astrology and upcoming events with a live guest.

3:04 – Personal struggles and emotions during a full moon.

7:01 – Personal growth and astrological events.

11:32 – Astrology and world events.

14:54 – Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and its impact on health fears.

20:43 – Black Moon Lilith and its impact on health and relationships.

27:01 – Astrology and its impact on politics.

32:02 – Personal growth, mental health, and technology.

36:08 – Mars in Libra and its impact on accidents and emotions.

41:03 – Astrology and personal growth.

44:19 – Astrology and its impact on society.

49:58 – Predicting future events and adapting to uncertainty.

54:06 – Spirituality, miracles, and astrology.

58:45 – Astrology app and upcoming event.