From Fight or Flight to Enjoying Life

Frank van den Broek is a Lifestyle Artist and advocate for self-healing. He discovered Human Garage while on a journey to recover from long COVID, PTSD, and chronic pain stemming from a car accident. His path through Human Garage programs led him to a transformation of his physical body, and his perception on life. This is his story.


“Years of injuries, whiplash from a car crash, PTSD, COVID, unable to breath. Long story short, my body and mind were in a bad shape. I was in fight or flight mode constantly and a person without boundaries or body awareness. For years I had been searching for the “perfect” solution for my physical problems. Yes, until recently I thought it was just a physical thing. Doctors told me my body will never go back to how it was, read; I would have to live with the pain. When I heard that my world collapsed. I had been fighting for my old life and body all that time…But that changed and I want to share how my Human Garage journey changed my perspective on this and more.

I did the 28 day reset including the supplement protocol and the fascia maneuvers. I went all in. As a result, all came out. Fever, pain, sickness and trauma from the past was lining up to say hello. For years it had been stuck inside me shaping my beliefs, limiting my view of the world and restricting my body. We can look at changes in ourselves from three viewpoints: physically, emotionally and perceptually.

First, I have never had such dramatic physical changes in a short time. My mainly inflamed, bloated face showed first signs of life in years. My body started shifting. The tilt in my head has started moving, my posture is changing, I am taller, my skin is softer, my digestion has improved thus good that the people around me took note…, my shoulders dropped and my natural state is more calm and grounded.

While the physical changes are great, what’s underlying all that is the emotional pillar. I had been disconnected from my emotions for years. I already had professional help before I started Human Garage but how my progress went up exponentially when I started this journey. To the point that I am sharing insights with my therapist. Back to me, I have seen the first signs of what my body is, how emotions are part of it and how our body leads our way by listening to those emotions. Human Garage is teaching me to move through energy instead of ignoring it. That is one of my biggest wins because it was the missing link in my life to actually feel that need.

Third is the perception. I cannot state a single thing that hasn’t changed in my life or that I at least thought about it in a different way. I feel I am moving towards a life where I am honest to myself and honest to others. I no longer want to get caught up in things that do not light up my heart. I don’t want to feel pressured or walking on eggs to get things done. And that is what the Human Garage journey is showing me in real time. What is my life really about. What do I really like. And that journey is ongoing.

So am I still fighting for my old life? No. With fascia maneuvers and Human Garage I got curious about what’s to come. Whatever that is. It’s my body that’s leading the way.”