Find Your Radiance in the 28 Day Reset!

28 Day Reset, 28 Day Immersive Experience


Human Garage’s 28 Day Reset changes the body, mind, and emotions. Understanding that these three facets of health directly impact each other is the foundation of comprehensive healing. People who dedicate themselves 100% to this program see results everywhere, not just in the way they feel but in their relationships with the external world.

One example of someone who has used the 28 Day Reset to completely transform their life is our community member, Deirdre Freer.


Deidre was diagnosed with TMJ at the young age of 15 after seeking treatment for chronic headaches and neck tension. She saw an orthodontist to help realign her bite in the hopes it would resolve her pains, but it wasn’t enough to bring her any relief.

Deidre went on to see a craniologist who added mouth pieces to the mix. When that didn’t work, the craniologist told her parents that Deidre’s pain was “all in her head”- the phrase so many chronically ill people hear over and over again when their doctors haven’t got a clue.

When you’re stuck in pain without the right coping skills, it’s common for feelings of hopelessness or depression to creep in. Deidre started taking an antidepressant to manage the emotional toll of her TMJ.

She had four weeks of back therapy in St. Louis, MO, where she received trigger point injections for chronic tension. These helped her regain functionality and movement, but she still experienced lots of headaches and jaw strain.

When she was 40, Deidre decided to switch to Eastern approaches like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Receiving acupuncture treatment jump-started the healing process! Her endometriosis, TMJ, and mental health symptoms began to improve, and she was able to discontinue her antidepressant and antianxiety medications.


At 46, Deidre discovered Human Garage and went through her first 28 Day Reset. After completing the program, Deidre was finally ready to remove the wires behind her upper and lower teeth! In the months since then, Deidre has been healing herself at a deeper level and building the life she truly wants.

She says: “…my right hip has released in a way that yoga, trigger point injections and controlled articular rotation exercises never did. My ribs (chiropractors adjusted them for years) have opened up and let go of tension. My trap’s leading up my neck have responded to fascia maneuvers in a whole new way after 30 years of tension and thousands of dollars spent. The cervical part of my neck has opened up.

I removed the wires behind my teeth after 25 years and another shift of facial / cranial bones have happened. It was a bumpy couple of weeks for sinus area cranial bones, yet after some acupuncture there was SO MUCH EASE. The clavicle and front of shoulders are popping and opening up, ahhhh. Tinnitus has calmed down, my chakras have opened more, and a little natural fasting has happened. My left knee has eased and a joint in my right foot and arch has eased… my hip has the most movement and control it has since I was 17yo.

Thank you to Garry, Cynthia and Jason for providing this resource to those of us ready and willing to heal. I have two friends joining the Lifestyle Artist right now and look forward to supporting others in their healing journeys for the rest of my life.”

Here’s Deidre before the 28 Day Reset:

before and after pictures

Here’s what she looks like after!

before and after pictures


Deidre has started her own practice called Radiate Balance, inspired by her transformation picture. “I love this name because it is a perfect statement to signify my face in the last picture. When we reduce stress, create ease from the dis-ease, and balance our organs, body, mind and spirit….then we radiate a joy and peace from within that we hope is contagious to others.”

Deidre is already helping others change their lives for the better by sharing HG’s methods with the world. On Friday, we’ll dive into how Deidre is teaching a friend to heal themselves from Parkinson’s!

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