Fascial Maneuvers Workshop

NOVEMBER 5, 2022  |  10 am – 12 Pm

Richmond Olympic Oval  |  Vancouver, Canada

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November 5, 2022 (Saturday)
10am to 12pm

Richmond Olympic Oval

6111 River Rd
Richmond, BC V7C 0A2, Canada
(Vancouver area)





Vendors On-Site

Feel Better in Your Body!

If you’re in pain or want to feel better in your body join the Human Garage for an advanced fascial maneuvers class.

Work hands-on with coaches and practitioners who will be hands-on to help you.

Learn about fascia and how it works in your body.

Get your questions answered:

    • Chronic pain
    • Autoimmune issues
    • Anxiety / depression
    • ADHD
    • Women’s Hormones
    • Bloating / Gas / Digestive
    • Weight loss
    • Neck / Head/ Hip / Back / Knee / Foot Issues

Learn how the Human Garage fascial maneuvers can help you regulate and calm your nervous system and get it in a state of healing.  This is a family event – bring partners and children! Connect with our community and get your questions answered!


Additional Event

Running Workshop
Graham Tuttle “The Barefoot Sprinter”


“These Human Garage peeps are world class fascial experts. They’ll walk you through an effective routine that will unwind what’s been wound tight for years.

I don’t know if you’ll be more amazed at how effective the fascial techniques are or how simple the process is…”

Deep dive with Graham:
Want to learn more with Graham moving thru drills, cues, and strength work specific to running and getting you to move in your natural state?

Register for BOTH events for $97

  • Fascial Maneuvers workshop – w/ Garry Lineham & Human Garage
  • Running Workshop – w/ Graham Tuttle
  • 1 bottle PowerCurc 30 supplements 
  • T-shirt

Register For Both Workshops – $97

   Get a sneak peek into some of the specialized maneuvers

you can do for specific areas of the body