Fascial Maneuver Coach: Level 2

Become a hands on fascia release master.


We combined the philosophies we learned throughout our 10 years in clinical practice from all forms of medicine; including Chiropractic, Craniopathy and Chinese Medicine with our innovative fascial release techniques to optimally unlock fascia and achieve life changing results. Learn the fundamental laws of fascial reprogramming, releasing joints, resetting organs, organ pathways and meridians along the body and how to apply these techniques hands on.

Program Details

When you Certify with Human Garage you will be listed on our website and any member of the Human Garage community will be able to book private sessions and join group classes hosted by you.

4 day live-virtual event

Fascial Maneuver Coach Level 1 Certified.


  • Lifetime access to future Fascial Maneuver Coach: Level 2 workshops

  • Lifetime access to continuing education, exclusive podcasts, video content and more.

  • Monthly Q&A Calls & community discussions

  • Access to exclusive community of Fascial Maneuver Coaches

$2500USD + (Optional) $400USD Certification Exam

August 28th – 29th, 4th & 5th
10:00am – 2:00pm PST


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1. Introductions
2. Leverage

Learn how to create leverage to efficiently and effectively release joints throughout the entire body. This is a true art and takes lots of practice! Using the fundamentals of creating leverage you will be able to open up almost any area of the body when working with your clients. It is one of the most powerful techniques we use to create rapid change.

3. Assisted Essential Fascial Maneuvers

We discuss the different methods, angles and intentions behind assisting the essential fascial maneuvers to achieve optimal results with your clients when working with them hands on.

4. Upper Limb Manual Fascial Release

Fascial release techniques for releasing the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, head and neck

5. Lower Limb Manual Fascial Release

Fascial release techniques for releasing the toes, ankles, knees & hips

6. Torso Manual Fascial Release

Fascial Release techniques for releasing the upper and lower back, abdomen and chest

Fascial Release and Organ resetting techniques

7.  Assisted Torque Maneuvers

Reduce tension in every joint within the body in a matter of minutes to optimize performance and improve recovery

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