Everything Hydration featuring H2Water Expert & Insaltd

In today’s live with Shayne, the Water Expert, and Dann from Insaltd Electrolytes, we dive into the importance of hydration and why water purification systems are important, especially with all of the lead and other harmful chemicals leaking out of water pipes, causing you and your body to become the filter. We also discuss structuring and ionizing your water to maximize hydration.

0:00 – Hydration and Prioritizing Self-Care

   Host welcomes guests and discusses hydration, debunking myths with expert Shane from H2O Water.

3:32 – Fascia, Hydration, and Weight Loss

   Exercises for shoulder pain relief demonstrated. Discussion on hydration during pregnancy and self-care.

9:57 – Fascial Maneuvers and Breathwork for Stress Relief

   Shane explains the difference between fascial maneuvers and yoga, and demonstrates a fascial maneuver.

12:38 – Water Purification and Contaminants

   Importance of filtering water and discussion on contaminants to remove emphasized by Shane McCarthy.

18:26 – Water Filtration Systems and Contaminants in Tap Water

   Discussion on lead in water pipes, PFA leaching in plastic pipes, and effects of reverse osmosis on copper pipes.

25:10 – Water Alkalinity and its Impact on Health

   Discussion on the importance of structuring water and the benefits of hydrogen and alkaline water.

28:53 – Water Filtration Systems and their Benefits

   Discussion on the benefits of hydrogen water and whole home filtration systems.

35:18 – Water Ionizers and their Benefits

   Discussion on AlkaViva ionizers, their self-cleaning feature, and reverse polarity technology.

38:28 – Hydration and Electrolyte Products for Optimal Health

   Introduction of Insulted, a new brand of hydration and electrolyte products.

44:42 – Natural Sweeteners and their Benefits

   Introduction of a zero-calorie sweetener called fascial sweet and its benefits.

51:20 – The Effects of a New Sports Drink on Hydration and Electrolyte Balance

   Discussion on hydration, electrolyte balance, and a product that regulates blood sugar.

54:23 – Hydration and Mineral Supplements

   The importance of understanding how flavors affect the body and discussion on natural supplements.

1:00:19 – Hydration and its Impact on the Body

   Discussion on hydration, stress elimination philosophy, and introduction of a new product from a San Diego company.

1:04:31 – Hydration and Mineralization During Pregnancy