15 minutes a day is all you need! 

Essential Fascial Maneuvers
  • Totally Twisted – Full body reset
  • Anti-Gravity – Spinal Decompression
  • Swinger – Shoulders and Hips
  • Pull Over – Lower back and rib cage
  • Pretzel Squat – Hips and pelvic floor
  • Peekaboo – Face alignment
  • Palate Swipe – head and spine adjustment
  • Antler Twist – head tension
  • Gettin’ Cheeky – jaw release
  • Twistin’ Your Ear – neck release
  • Wrist Release – release wrist tension
  • Knee Torque – reduce tension around the knees
  • Hip Release – reduce hip tension
  • Ankle Torque – reduce ankle tension


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