Energetic healing with Shaman Gisela Carta

In this episode, Garry goes live with Shaman Gisela Carta from Argentina, discussing energetics, healing, and crystals. We also go through some deep emotional releases through family constellations.


0:00 Garry introduces Gisela and introduces crystals, spiritual healing, personal growth and transformations

3:09 Learning about energetics as a child 

13:07 Energetic healing exercise towards parents

24:49 Nobody can heal you

32:08 Opening up for healing, gratitude and joy

38:48 Live healing session 

44:42 Ancestral healing

57:08 Family healing after losing a child

1:05:26 Emotional release

1:14:00 Divine Light Crystals

If you want to connect with Gisela, you can find her site here: http://www.crystalsofthenewera.com/home.html.