Discovering the Best Organic Restaurants of the Yucatán

Discovering the Best Organic Restaurants in the Yucatan

Once you decide to go organic, it changes everything- including the social ritual of going out to eat with friends and family. Breaking bread together is an ancient practice that builds community and relationships, and feeling left out it is no good! That’s why Human Garage is committed to finding the best organic restaurants everywhere we go.

Right now, our team is based in Cancún, Mexico. We’ve sampled several local, organic restaurants while traversing the region. Here’s a list of our favorites (and least favorites) for your reference the next time you need to grab a bite in the Yucatán.

Sirena Morena (Cancún)

This restaurant & organic shop always gets a resounding YES from every member of the team! In the front of the establishment, there’s a store full of organic personal care products and snacks from local bakers and creators. If you walk around to the back, you’ll discover a breezy, green outdoor bar and seating area next to a small garden.

Here’s the best of what Sirena Morena has to offer:

1. Mango Love (and other juices)

We have an immense love for the Mango Love. It’s the best juice in the whole place- although others (like the Digestif) are also delicious.

mango love

2. Vegan Meatballs

This rich dish is cooked with red wine and served with beans. It’s a 10/10 for me!

vegan meatball

3. Lentil Chicken Nuggets

These were my first lentil nuggets, and I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t expect the texture to resemble chicken, but do expect the flavor to be incredible.

lentil chicken nugget

4. Mixed Green Salad

If you prefer to keep it light, definitely try this salad! The dressing is balsamic based and the cucumber curls make this side a work of art.

5. Taco Trilogy

I have to be real, this is my least favorite from Sirena Morena. I have heard positive reviews from other members of the team, but personally I only enjoyed the red taco.

taco trilogy sirena morena

Barracruda (Cancún)

The only thing I regret about eating at Barracruda is that I did not take a photo of the vegan ceviche. This seaside gem is right on the water- hopefully you don’t mind that the floor is made out of sand!

If you find yourself in Cancun, make sure to order the fish skillet pictured below.

Mar de Miel (Cancún)

Are you looking for a chic, satisfying brunch spot? Look no further. Mar de Miel’s extensive menu has something for everyone.

My favorite dish has to be the enmoladas. The mole drove me into a feeding frenzy the likes of which the waitstaff had not seen before.

mar de miel cancun enmoladas

If you’re seeking a dependable vegan option- go for the spicy chickpea bowl. You won’t be disappointed- just make sure to ask for extra sauce!

mar de miel cancun

El Deli (Cancún)

This is my favorite place to pop into for lunch. They have different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but are kindly flexible if you would like to order a breakfast sandwich past 1. I do encourage you to be wary of bottled beverages they serve- I had an unfortunate run-in with their Kunko bottled yerba mate, which contained sucralose. Even at organic restaurants, it pays to pay attention to the details.

Here are the appetizers and dishes I would recommend:

  1. Potato Latkes

These are so crispy! My only qualm is that El Deli only plates 3 at a time- meaning I have to get two orders if I’m expected to share (joking, but not really.)

el deli cancun

2. Tuna Salad

While my photo of this dish was less than glamorous, they did an excellent job with the presentation.

3. Chicken Poblano

Wow- the green sauce is absolutely scrumptious. It is quite a bit of chicken, so only order this if you’re really hungry!

4. Roasted Cauliflower

What did they put into that purple sauce bed? Is it crack? All I know is that it went really well with the tender shoots of cauliflower.

Le Ka’at (Valladolid)

This is going to be controversial with the team, but I would NOT recommend Le Ka’at to a friend. The ambiance of their space was lovely, but I took issue with the uncomfortable chairs and general lack of deliciousness in their food.

That’s just one woman’s opinion, though- I heard great feedback from others who ate there. One thing I will say is AVOID the tacos!

Layla (Puerto Morelos)

Layla the funkiest of the organic restaurants I’ve tried that hosts a weekly movie night and yoga classes above the restaurant. It’s very kitsch and close-quartered, but I will be going back again soon to taste another one of their pizzas!

Here were the notables from my last visit:

1. Vegan Fungi Pizza

Like I said, the pizzas make Layla worthy of MANY revisits! The crust was excellent.

2. Empanadas

These are the perfect bite-sized snacks to share with your table.

3. Vegan Coconut Thai Soup

I liked this one less- the broth needed more flavor and spice, but the tofu was very yummy, as was the bread on the side.

4. Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake

The one thing I would NOT order. It doesn’t taste like a cheesecake at all…

5. Quinoa Tortilla Tacos

These tacos are the star of the restaurant in my opinion! I could eat three orders all by myself.

If you have any other organic restaurant recommendations for our team, let us know in the comments!

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