Cynthia Leavoy: Bridging the Physical and Spiritual


Cynthia Leavoy is one of the three founders of Human Garage. Her quiet influence has been shaping the mission of the organization and fueling its forward progress for years- she’s been present every step of the way since 2020. Now, it’s time for everyone to know her story!


Cynthia grew up in the rural Pacific Northwest. Her family has a long practicing history of metaphysical science, and her great-grandmother even founded a church. Cynthia shared that growing up within the context of metaphysical science affected not only her upbringing but her healthcare and her spirituality. Instead of going to a doctor when she was ill, Cynthia’s family would pray over her. Loving care was believed to be the greatest medicine one could have. She did not receive vaccines as a child, and was exempt from lessons in school that concerned human anatomy. The spirit was prized over the physical body in every way, which Cynthia said guided her outlook greatly until the time she met Garry Lineham.

Cynthia says that her life growing up was easy. “I went to boarding school!” she said with a laugh. While Cynthia never experienced any serious illnesses or physical issues, she did share with me that she had to overcome many emotional challenges throughout her life as someone highly attuned to both her emotions and external energies.

After her early education, she became a jewelry designer in Arizona, but knew she wanted to do something different. Cynthia came to realization that what would truly fulfill her would be working with children. She put a job posting in the paper as an au pair. A mother from Vancouver, Canada, saw her ad and flew Cynthia out to meet the family’s three-year-old daughter. They all hit it off, and Cynthia moved to Vancouver! That’s where she met her husband. They were married within six months.

Cynthia gave birth to two daughters, Bre and Heather. After Heather was born, Cynthia decided that homeschooling her girls was the best decision. She had always wanted an alternative education for her future children ever since she went to boarding school, and the arrangement gave her the freedom to be a stay-at-home mother.

Becoming a mother solidified for Cynthia that raising children was her true passion. While raising her daughters and in the time since then, she has accumulated a truly impressive reservoir of knowledge about everything from early childhood psychology to birthing and best practices for young mothers. Seeing moms and their kids happy and healthy brings her so much joy!


When Cynthia’s daughter Heather was 18, she became unexpectedly pregnant. During that time Heather was gaining traction in her career as a voice actress for A&E. She had doubts about keeping the pregnancy, but ultimately decided she would. Her daughter, Leah, was born, and Cynthia became her primary caretaker. Cynthia spent the next seven years raising Leah full-time- they didn’t spend a single day apart until September 2019.

That’s when Cynthia realized she needed to step back as Leah’s main guardian, so that Heather could step in. Cynthia went to a three-day art retreat, which revitalized her and allowed her the space to think about what she truly wanted in life. She told me that she wanted to feel fire in her life again.

A few months later, Cynthia met Garry on a Christmas cruise. From the moment she saw him, Cynthia knew what would happen between them. They ended up dancing on the cruise ship and having a great time, and continued to see each other. Bre and Heather also met Garry, and invited him over for dinner one night. At the time, Cynthia’s husband was recovering from a brain bleed that had severely incapacitated him. When Garry came to dinner, he helped her husband using the fascial therapy. He was able to walk again afterwards!

Cynthia felt intrigued by Garry and his knowledge of how to work with the body. They worked together with Jason, who had entered the picture via mutual friends, to take existing knowledge of fascia and develop a new movement modality: the fascial maneuvers.

What Cynthia liked most about learning the therapy was seeing how it moved emotions out of the body in a physical way. The healing benefits were clear to her. She came to realize that the physical body was equally as important as the spiritual one- so much that one directly affected the other. Cynthia’s own metaphysical practice was enhanced through bodywork, and she began to notice her body changing is new ways which she had not previously imagined possible. The peak of her transformation happened during a 44-day fast that she participated in with both Garry and Jason. The fast marked a clear “before and after” in her life, and she emerged from it ready to fully embody the Human Garage lifestyle.


Human Garage operations continued to develop and grow. Cynthia’s biggest challenge through all of the changes has been separating her personal relationship to Garry from the business side of the mission. She turned a corner after the fascial therapy allowed her to work through her ingrained need to please men, which had been holding her back. She says that while it’s still a balance, the boundaries between the personal and professional have grown healthier.

Now, Cynthia has blended the fascial maneuvers into her spiritual practice and embraces both paradigms as equally impactful. Her great love is still helping young children and pregnant women through the birthing process. Her vision for the future is one where motherhood is treated as a sacred art, and kids grow up in environments that they will not have to heal from later. She’s an advocate for wild-schooling and world-schooling, and believes that education models are going to change in the near future. You can find Cynthia on Instagram @cynthiahumangarage or connect with her through the Human Garage app.