Get on your Fascia Mastery Journey

We worked in a clinical setting for over a decade with olympic athletes, award winning performing artists and anyone that was looking for solutions. Conducting over 200,000 sessions we were able to develop radical new insights into the human body when it was performing at a world class level and when it was dysfunctional. We knew the solution was fascia and at the time we really believed we were working on it. The truth is that we were making the problem worse and didn’t even realize it. The traditional method of fascial release would get people to a point and then it would fail – our question was why did it work for some and not others?

We went back to the drawing board and with a fresh perspective, we gained a new understanding of fascia. We knew what we had discovered was different when we produced results that we had never seen before in a clinical setting.

Start your journey off with trying the Essential Fascial Maneuvers. Take things to the next level with the Unlock Your Fascia program designed to reduce stress, accelerate healing and improve focus. And, if you choose: you can even become a Human Garage Fascial Maneuver Coach to help others: online, in person, one on one and in a group setting.


Unlock Your Fascia

Accelerate healing, improve performance and elevate consciousness.

Learn how fascia relates to the emotions, perceptions and narratives we hold, which lead to dysfunctional movement, stress, pain and disease. Learn to unlock your own fascia to reduce pain, tension, and stress while simultaneously improving mobility, focus, and performance. After this program you will be able to create and customize your own Fascial Maneuvers specific to your needs through understanding the fundamental laws that govern your fascia and your body.

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Fascial Maneuver Coach Level 1

Become a Coach & customize maneuvers specific to your clients needs.

Learn the root origin of your clients pain and dysfunction through understanding the body’s third brain; the human fascia, as well as the emotions, perceptions and narratives that run and govern your clients lives. Guide your clients through the most powerful fascial reprogramming techniques to unlock their fascia; eliminate stress, enhance movement, reduce pain, and improve performance in all areas of their life. This 4 day live online program will give you the tools to start your own Fascial Maneuvers business so you can deliver life changing results with your clients: in person, online, one on one and in a group setting.

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