Jessica Newman

Name: Jessica Newman
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Jessica is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Fascial Maneuver Coach Level 1. She combines ancient practices with modern science to create habits that last. Jessica’s goal is to leave you feeling connected to your body and empowered in your choices.

Getting to know Jessica

How did you discover Human Garage? 

I found out about Human Garage 4 years ago on the Ben Greenfield podcast. At the time, I was a nutrition student and I was instantly drawn to the Garage. I became obsessed with their work and promised myself if an opportunity arose to work with them I would with no questions asked. Fast forward to 2020 when I met Jason – one of their Master Instructors through a mutual friend and finally had the opportunity to experience fascia work for myself. I remember leaving the session feeling high on life and giggly, my body and my mood had completely changed. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to meet Garry & Cynthia from Human Garage. I will never forget the first day I met Garry at group Fascial Maneuvers class. He fixed my nighttime mouth breathing by resetting my diaphragm! The fascia work that Human Garage does has spoken to me since day one and it still has me in awe every single day.

How have the Fascial Maneuvers helped you personally? 

Where do I begin! Physically it has fixed every single complaint I have ever had, and that’s a big statement coming from me. I had a laundry list of issues from chronic digestion issues (SIBO, food intolerances, recurring stomach ulcers, IBS), hormonal issues (irregular periods, severe water retention, bloating, mood swings, depression, back pain, extreme fatigue), skin issues (reoccurring dermatitis on my face, acne flare ups, dark circles, dehydrated skin) and lots of struggles with mental health (disordered eating, depression, anxiety, ADHD, poor sleep). After years of trying to figure out “what was wrong with me”, I am forever grateful to say that these are ALL no longer struggles of mine. Not only have all of my physical issues disappeared but my perception of the world has completely changed. I see life through a completely different lens + I get to eat (organic) bread again, it’s a win win!

Who do you want to help – what people do you want to most focus on? 

Anyone and everyone that wants to take charge of their own life. I have always focused on empowering people to make the right decisions for themselves, because at the end of the day we are in charge of our own destiny. I want every single person to have access to the tools they need to feel good in their body and for them to know that their body is designed to heal itself. I am here to help you rebuild the connection with yourself so that you can get back to the life that you are meant to be living. My focus in this process is self healing through self discovery.

What is your favourite fascial maneuver? 

I’m a Cancer (in Astrology) so it definitely depends on my mood! I would say on most days it’s a tie between Anti Gravity and Pretzel Squat, but I also do love a good Pullover too. Also, don’t underestimate the power of breath work during the fascial maneuvers. The way you breathe completely transforms the experience.

What is the most challenging aspect of your life or life story? how did that make you feel? What did you learn from it? How did it help you become who you are today?

The most challenging aspect of my life story would definitely be my internal struggles with not feeling worthy. This theme has shown up in so many areas of my life. It started from a very young age, moved into friendships, relationships and then finally it began to show up as severe mental health issues. My internal narrative was always built around not being worthy and so I acted out of this unworthiness. I was constantly trying to prove to myself and to others that I was useful, smart, beautiful, kind etc. It made me very sad, resentful and frustrated with the world. It consumed me for a very long time, but I am extremely grateful for all of my struggles. They have taught me how to be compassionate towards myself, to others and to help others do the same. They have taught me how freaking powerful it is to step into your self worth. They have helped me to discover who I truly am without the influence of others. Finally, they have shown me that once you step into your authenticity there is absolutely nothing you cannot do.

Describe any major insights you’ve had since taking the fascial practitioner course, or, if none spring to mind, that you’ve had in the last 12-24 months? 

  • If you are here, you are worthy.
  • Belief is incredibly powerful and we can change our reality on belief alone.
  • Heal yourself first in order to help others do the same for themselves.
  • We do not heal the body, the body heals itself. Disease is a symptom and the inability to express emotions is what makes us sick.
  • Nothing is inherently good or bad, it just is. What allows it to be seen as good or bad is the label we give it.
  • Your energy speaks before your words do so you might as well be honest!
  • There are synchronicities everywhere: Multiverse > universe > nature > human body > cell, etc. If you want to understand how something works, go outside and look.
  • If you keep seeing/ receiving a message, pay attention! There’s a reason for everything.
  • We are all connected and when you change this influences the people around you. You can heal the people close to you by healing yourself.
  • Our perception shapes our reality. We have the capacity to change our environment just by the way we perceive it.
  • We attract absolutely everything that comes into our lives. When we are in a place of authentic expression, we receive everything we need to fulfill those desires.
  • Everyone is a mirror and those things you see in others are also inside yourself, both “good” and “bad.”
  • As a society we all have unconscious programming that prevents us from being the best versions of ourselves. Releasing yourself from these programs allows you to be whoever you want.
  • Time does not exist, it is merely a construct. Everything is happening simultaneously. This also means we have access to an infinite amount of information at any given moment.
  • We perceive more of our reality via sound than sight. Our ears “feel” sound waves and have 10x more nerve connections than our eyes and allow us to perceive waves of 20,000Hz. This makes sound extremely therapeutic and transformative.
  • Start having more fun (without the guilt) and just watch how life just unfolds so beautifully. Things fall into your lap when your are aligned.
  • Collective consciousness is infinitely powerful.
  • Learn to trust your intuition and it will not let you down.
  • Pretty sure I am an alien and/or mermaid.
  • Astrology is real.

+ so much more!

If you have a single “superpower”, as a coach/practitioner, what is it – and did it emerge naturally or did you cultivate it, and if you cultivated it – how? 

I feel as though this is constantly evolving. At the moment it’s that I can notice absolutely everything, which allows me to see things that most people overlook. I can feel absolutely everything, so I intuitively know what people need in each moment and can empathize with them. I also believe I have a comforting presence about me, as it is something I am told frequently. If I was to give these all a name I would call them: The Power of Super Sensitivity.

Is there any aspect of your coaching/practitioner game that you feel is not quite as robust as other aspects of your repertoire – and how do you work around that to deliver a world class experience?  

I feel as though I am exactly where I need to be at this moment. I am constantly learning and unlearning, never getting too attached to a certain outcome/ method in order to provide the best experience. That being said I am currently working on my ability to speak in front of others, trusting myself to know what to do (because I do know!) and to have more confidence in myself as a leader.