Ikue Ueno

Name: Ikue Ueno


Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Ikue is a passionate dancer, dance educator, spiritualist and Certified Level 1 Fascial Maneuver Coach. Born in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan, Ikue has seen remarkable success working through her own fascial restrictions for the past year since meeting Human Garage. She has seen such a transformation in her own emotions, perceptions and physical body that she decided to become a coach to help others. Health, wellness and movement is a lifelong interest of Ikue. She likes to dance and move to show the world that she loves herself and she is excited to be a part of the global fascia movement.

Getting to know Ikue

How did you discover Human Garage? 

Through a personal friend of mine.

How have the Fascial Maneuvers helped you personally? 

I started to do fascial maneuvers since December 2020. Since then, I have experienced tremendously changes in my body, soul and mind.

Body – I noticed a huge release in the area between my ribcage and my pelvis. I definitely have more space and flexibility in that area. As a result, I can open my back more than before. I can do a bridge now better than ever. As a dancer, this is huge because I was noticing my back was tighter and tighter as I age (My back was already really tight in grade 7.) I learned from Human Garage that muscles don’t get tight but fascia does. This was a mind blowing concept to me, and it totally changed the way I see my body. As a result of my back opening, I can lift my arms higher and more effortlessly and really connect my breath with my moves. I feel secure doing more intricate moves in dance and feel connected with my body overall.

Some setbacks or release – At some point, I was maybe pushing too hard to twist my right arm in Swinger position, which may have triggered my pain from a car accident back in 2014. I was experiencing very sharp pains in my right arm and my right shoulder blade and numbness all over my right arm and my right hand for about 3 weeks (it was really tough to focus on anything), so I have to be extra careful doing the position. I like to think that I was able to release some tightness of fascia around that injured area, and as fascia released, all the traumatic pains came back to me. I saw and felt the pain and tried to feel it out with love and forgiveness. Also, I added some muscle strengthening exercises for my shoulder area hoping to guide my muscles and nerves to place themselves in a right place. Now, my numbness is gone and my rotation of my neck is improving. I learned that while using the formulas of fascial maneuvers, it’s very important to really listen and feel your body.

Mentally, as I feel good in my body, I feel peace and ease. My next goal is to have warm hands and feet and get rid of my cellulite by improving my blood circulation. Thanks to non-surgical face lift fascial maneuvers, I definitely have a better skin and my face is lifted looking young and vibrant. It has been a process shredding what longer serves me. My DNA is being updated every day. I am excited to be lighter and lighter in my feelings and become the best version of myself through facial maneuvers and all my inner work! I am grateful for Human Garage. What you do for the world gives me so much joy and resonates with me on a soul level.

Who do you want to help – what people do you want to most focus on? 

I would like to help anyone of all ages. I already teach dance to many people in all ages and all levels, so I would like to incorporate my fascial maneuvers in my dance & movement class. My strength as a dancer is to really be able to guide people to release tensions and liberate themselves through movement while having so much fun doing it. While I can coach anyone, I would say children and Japanese people (since I am from Japan) can hugely benefit from my coaching.

What is your favourite fascial maneuver? 

Anti-Gravity – I really enjoy decompressing my spine!

What is the most challenging aspect of your life or life story?

My journey has been nothing but discovering my authentic self. Coming from a conservative culture, I struggled to speak up and find my true self. While going after my dream to become a professional dancer leaving Japan and immigrating to Canada by myself, I was always in fear and self-doubt full of self-judgement and self-sabotage thoughts. My negative limiting beliefs really held me back to become who I am.

One of my turning points was a car accident in 2014. I had suffered from physical, emotional pains and went through some depression. I sought for any guidance and started to dive deeper into my spiritual journey. In early 2020 just before Corona lockdown, I made my decision to commit myself to meditate every day. Since then, my life has transformed. I have gained so much clarity by being able to differentiate my energy from others’s energy. I started to attract a lot of positive things in life and they were all what my soul needed. In September 2020, I met Brodie Marples who later introduced me to Human Garage. I knew this has something special.

I just finished my facial maneuvers coaching program. This is just a beginning to me, a beginning of my true journey. Everything I’ve experienced up to this point was merely preparation for the best part and my true purpose in life. Today, I am so grateful to be on this lifetime movement and facial maneuver journey.

Describe any major insights you’ve had since taking the fascial practitioner course, or, if none spring to mind, that you’ve had in the last 12-24 months? 

I got an insight that our body is like a big bio-hydraulic ballon, and fascia is bio-hydraulic tubes that connect Muscle, Tendon, Nerve, Organ and Meridian. We are made as perfect, immaculate, flexible , adaptable harmonized beings by nature. However, through life events including current life, past lives and ancestral traumatic experiences, we interpret those events as negative things and when we experience negative emotions or uncomfortable feelings, our body ballon gets restricted (gets tight) because the body’s job is to feel and tell humans there is something to learn here. When we are not fully aware of this, we keep storing those restrictions and create habitual patterns of inflexible thinking and actions. This uneasy restrictions and tightness affects body and mind and eventually creates dis-ease.

Our body is electro-magnetic. In fascial maneuvers, we use our hands like jumper cables. By touching two parts of our body with our hands (pin the fascia), we create an electric magnetic “shock” and then by twisting our body in 3 zones (head, torso, hips & legs&feet), fascia starts to adapt around the affected area creating a lot of changes in this bio-hydraulic tubes that consist of 70% water. When we release the pin of the fascia, we release the knots, restrictions of the fascia. As a result, our body gets reset and starts to heal itself. When we feel good in our body, we feel good and look good, and then, this world becomes a game to play rather than a place to learn lessons.

Finding joy in all situations while being flexible and adaptable is a life’s sweet spot. We are discovering why we have come to the Earth in the first place. Fascia Maneuvers will help people find their true selves.

If you have a single “superpower”, as a coach/practitioner, what is it – and did it emerge naturally or did you cultivate it, and if you cultivated it – how? 

My super power as a coach is to make anyone feel welcome and safe. I can also give them some fun dance movement in between fascial maneuvers if requested:)

Is there any aspect of your coaching/practitioner game that you feel is not quite as robust as other aspects of your repertoire – and how do you work around that to deliver a world class experience?  

I think results will show with experience and time. I am confident that right people will come to Human Garage. Delivering a good class is to really listen and respond to clients’ needs. It takes practice, but coming from the right place, we can offer an amazing class.