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Test if your stressed, breathwork session, spinal energetics & spiritual transformation

CO2-Tuesday’s Breathwork session today with Ryan from @thegravitycollective. Today Ryan shared how to tell if you are stressed or relaxed based on air flow through the nose as well as […]

Energetic healing with Shaman Gisela Carta

Description: In this episode, Garry goes live with Shaman Gisela Carta from Argentina, discussing energetics, healing, and crystals. We also go through some deep emotional releases through family constellations. Timestamps […]

How farming practices are impacting digestion

In this episode Wade discusses how cooking your food impacts the enzymes, how enzymes play a role in digestion, how farming practices impact how you digest, genetics for eating, the keto-genic diet, fiber and the bacteria in our microbiome.

Probiotics vs Antibiotics & the Microbiome

In today’s live we met with Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers to talk about digestive health. We dive into different phases of digestion, plant-based vs. keto diets, eating for your genetics, […]