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We are looking for an amazing Personal/Executive Assistant to help us achieve our mission of bringing health and wellness to more people around the world.

Personal / Executive Assistant

What we are offering:

  • Willing to discuss relocation (housing) for the right person 
  • Phone and computer provided 
  • The office is at our beautiful retreat center in Lions Bay with nature and a gorgeous view of the ocean
  • Access to leading-edge health and wellness in our company
  • Interacting and building connections with people from all over the world from politicians to celebrities and practitioners
  • High-level personal development 
  • You are part of something that is helping the world 
  • Excellent benefits and good pay
  • We are scaling and growing fast, there will be opportunities for advancement within the company

Position Requirements

  • Working 5 days per week in Lions Bay 
  • Minimum 1-year contract, Prefer 2-3 years 
  • Start Date: June 1st, 2022
  • Available (occasionally) during off working hours: Because of travel and timezones has to be willing to (but not necessarily) talk to us during (off) working hours 
  • Basic understanding of budgets, accounting, and forecasting

You will hate this role if you are:

  • Emotionally unstable or very emotional 
  • An entrepreneur 
  • Ego driven
  • Afraid of navigating modern technology (email, calendars, booking systems, etc)
  • Not committed long term to projects, jobs or ideas

You will love this role if you are:

  • Committed to supporting our mission – believe in what we do
  • Already focused on personal health and wellness
  • Emotionally stable
  • Able to deal with strong personalities 
  • Super organized but adaptable to change
  • A great manager of time 
  • Detail-oriented 
  • A strong problem solver
  • Good at project management
  • Experienced in coordinating travel 
  • A great communicator 
  • Personally motivated and do not need to be told what to do
  • Caring but not nurturing 
  • From the health and wellness industry 


  • Experience in event and event management
  • Experience with geographically dispersed organizations
  • 10 years experience as personal/executive assistant
  • Experience in travel, project management, finance or accounting 

Personal/Executive Assistant
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