Energetic healing with Shaman Gisela Carta

Description: In this episode, Garry goes live with Shaman Gisela Carta from Argentina, discussing energetics, healing, and crystals. We also go through some deep emotional releases through family constellations. Timestamps […]

How farming practices are impacting digestion

In this episode Wade discusses how cooking your food impacts the enzymes, how enzymes play a role in digestion, how farming practices impact how you digest, genetics for eating, the keto-genic diet, fiber and the bacteria in our microbiome.

Probiotics vs Antibiotics & the Microbiome

In today’s live we met with Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers to talk about digestive health. We dive into different phases of digestion, plant-based vs. keto diets, eating for your genetics, […]

Healing Session for Horses

This is a live session recording where Garry Lineham helps Ruby Jean Albers with her horse Rocket. Rocket had torn tendons and an injury as a baby that prevented him from walking properly. Garry guides Ruby Jean in performing fascial release techniques like stretching, twisting, and pulling on different areas of Rocket’s body to help break up tight fascia and improve his movement patterns. By the end, Rocket is starting to walk better on his injured leg and use it more, showing that the fascial work helped improve his mobility and gait.

Everything Hydration featuring H2Water Expert & Insaltd

In today’s live with H2Water expert we dive into the importance of hydration and why water purification systems are important. Especially with all of the lead and other harmful chemicals leaking out of water pipes causing you and your body to become the filter. We also discuss the importance of structuring and ionizing your water to maximize hydration.