Change of Power in the world, Astrology House System | Astro Weekly

In this weeks Astro Monday Chris dives into big changes in power controls happening this week. They also discuss the spiritual growth happening in the world, and break down the house systems in astrology. Timestamps

0:00 Benefits of using astrology daily

2:48 Effect of mercury retrograde

4:53 Your Anti-Birthday and how it affects you

9:17 Step System in Astrology

14:25 A new spiritual timeline begins

18:50 Death of power

23:57 Political Events & Astrology

27:39 Open Sourcing healthcare to help people

37:29 Astrology House System breakdown – First to Fourth House

43:52 Fifth House

49:07 Sixth – Eighth Houses

54:34 Nine – 11th Houses

59:37 The 12th House

1:03:22 Astrology and health

1:07:54 Karma and Free Will