The Human Garage journey
started in 2010

During our first 10 years, we saw over 10,000 clients in our Los Angeles (Venice) health center where we had continually evolved and pioneered treatments in order to better serve our clients. We became one of the largest multidisciplinary integrative clinics in the United States that included practitioners, both in-house and contributing, from almost all forms of human care including medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, craniopithists, traditional chinese medicine, nutritionists, motion mechanics, neurological integration specialists, massage therapists, progression therapists and personal trainers.

Our clients included athletes, celebrities, professionals, and just about anyone else that needed help. We were a welcome alternative for those that had exhausted traditional medical means and were looking to get better—most had life-changing experiences, some had mild improvement and a few we were just not able to satisfy.

I took it very personally when we were not able to help someone the way we promised. Running the Human Garage, while also being one of the primary practitioners took its toll on me, the business as well as my marriage and by the fall of 2019, they had all come to an end.

Moving back to Canada and having some time to think, I got inspired by reliving the stories of the people we helped. Human Garage had built a global following of people that wanted us to succeed.

“I became obsessed with fascia.”

– Garry Lineham, Human Garage

I became obsessed with fascia and the potential that this underrated organ had. Studying, experimenting and mapping the fascia helped me understand the patterns that govern movement and how the organs and meridians were connected. Although we had addressed the fascia at Human Garage since day one, it wasn’t until I was able to step away—for almost a year—that I had the clarity to develop a series of precise fascial movement sequences designed to awaken the body, mind and soul. We now have 10 self-administered fascial maneuvers that naturally relieve stress, enhance perceptions, improve mobility and reduce pain — it embodies an entirely new understanding of fascia, meridians and sources of dysfunction. After 30 years of searching for ways to “fix” myself, exhausting countless therapies and practitioners, the answer was right in front of me (actually inside me) the whole time.

The best part is that you will be able to do these treatments on yourself and we will show you exactly how. Those that take an active role in their well-being have always had the best results and our fascial maneuvers take it to a whole new level. You must be willing and able to help yourself first so you can better help others.

In life, we have to make choices. We can choose to stick to the old ways, holding onto doubts and insecurities or we can decide to boldly step forward. We have made the bold decision to make available our fascial maneuvers to everyone for free. It’s a price everyone can afford. Advanced training and certification is also available and for that, we charge a fee to support our mission. 


Our Core Values

  • To be compassionate to myself and those around me
  • To express how I feel in the moment
  • To express my beliefs openly
  • To express my wants over my needs
  • To listen to understand
  • To make things simple
  • To be transparent in all situations
  • To be honourable in all of my relationships
  • To have fun