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We truly want to make things simple and empower you to heal yourself.

We’ve already mapped out the success steps which you will find below. Make sure you don’t skip any, as each stage is fundamental to the next.

We wish you the best of luck in your transformation!

Step 1 (1 Day Reset)

1 Day Reset

Reduce Stress & Heal Your Body through Movement

Fascial Maneuvers

  • Knee Torque: to reduce knee tension
  • Ankle release: to increase ankle mobility
  • Hip Release: to reduce hip tension and realign your hips
  • Palate Swipe: to reduce head and pelvic floor tension
  • Totally Twisted: full body release
  • Anti-Gravity: full spinal decompression
  • Swinger: to open up the hips and shoulders
  • Pull Over: to open up the ribcage and lower back
  • Pretzel squat: for the hips
  • Peekaboo: for face symmetry and alignment
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3 Day Reset

Come out of fight or flight.

  • 15 Minute Stress Reset
  • Fundamental Laws of working with Fascia
  • Fascial Maneuver Pro Tips
  • Pain & the Brain
  • The body as a computer
  • Understanding trauma and how its held in the body
  • Understanding how gravity impacts the body
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7 Day Reset

Start taking back control of your health again.

  • 15 Minute Stress Reset
  • Fascial Maneuver: Organ Reset
  • Self-Care Mobility Masterclass
  • Trauma Reset
  • Fundamental Laws of the body
  • The Dehydration Dilemma and how to rehydrate
  • Is your food hurting you?
  • Take control of your digestion
  • What’s really going on when we are sick?
  • Cleaning your environment
  • One of the most POWERFUL mechanisms in the body
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28 Day (Life) Reset

Transform your life.

  • Clean your environment and transition to Organic
  • Become self-aware and build strong habits to taking care of yourself
  • Release trauma and emotions from your body
  • Learn how privacy is a disease
  • Learn about digestive and hormonal issues and what to do about it
  • Learn which supplements you need to rebalance your body
  • Fascia Coffee and Full body Fascia Resets
  • Why we are so sick and what is stress?
  • Fasting and how it can impact health
  • Digestive Enzymes, Pre/Probiotics, pH balance, Epigenetics & Emotions
  • Advanced Fascial Maneuvers and Advanced Workshop
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Ten movements to free your body, mind and spirit.

we have paired the maneuvers with simple and accessible recommendations that can be implemented in your daily life to give you the best results possible with our programs.


It’s about learning how to help yourself. Almost like going to a retreat but then coming home with all of these amazing tools…

– Jessica Newman

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As I continued to practice fascial maneuvers, I noticed that my body started to feel like it’s being put back together…

– Marie Valdes

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The whole technique and the way that you have taught this is really brilliant, and I love it…

– Denise Faith

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It has been an incredible journey for me… I am feeling home in my body again. That’s priceless!

– Naura Wolfe

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Vancouver – Intermediate Fascial Maneuvers Class (Saturdays – Heywood Park)

Vancouver – Intermediate Fascial Maneuvers Class (Saturdays – Heywood Park)

Want to join the movement -  Vancouver, BC is expanding Fascial Maneuvers classes and are offering more sessions! Saturday Classes - Heywood Park, North Vancouver    Get Your Spot - [...]

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03 June 2023
Vancouver (Tuesdays) – Fascial Maneuvers Class (In-Person)

Vancouver (Tuesdays) – Fascial Maneuvers Class (In-Person)

Capoeira Aché Brasil, 341 East Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1W5 Canada
+ Google Map

Want to join the movement - literally?  Vancouver, BC is expanding Fascial Maneuvers classes and are offering more sessions! Classes on Tuesdays & Sundays    Get Your Spot - FREE   [...]

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06 June 2023
Cancun – Fascial Maneuvers Class (In-Person) (Wednesdays)

Cancun – Fascial Maneuvers Class (In-Person) (Wednesdays)

Akasha Urban Sanctuary, Nuevo León
Cancún, Q.R. 77560 Mexico
+ Google Map

Fascial Maneuvers Class - Cancun Every Wednesday 6pm &Saturday 9am -  Cancun time In-Person Class Location: Akasha Urban Sanctuary - Cancun, Mexico RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE Cost: $150 Pesos (Pay [...]

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07 June 2023
New York Spirituality Week – Fascial Maneuvers with Denise Faith (Wed June 7th)

New York Spirituality Week – Fascial Maneuvers with Denise Faith (Wed June 7th)

Tibet House US, 22 W 15th St
New York, NY 10011 United States
+ Google Map

Fascial Maneuvers for Energy Transformation Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have experienced the immediate and profound shifts in your physical, mental, [...]

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07 June 2023
Advanced: Virtual Fascial Maneuvers Class – June 19th (Monday)

Advanced: Virtual Fascial Maneuvers Class – June 19th (Monday)


Advanced: Fascial Maneuvers Class The next level in your Fascial Maneuvers practice. Do you want to get the most optimal benefits from every move? You've learned the basics and have [...]

Find out more »
19 June 2023


Be warned: you may learn something, and change
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