7 Day Reset


If you have completed the 1 and 3 Day Resets and you are ready to start building a habit of taking care of your body then this program is for you. In the next 7 days we are going to share with you how we view the body and give you small tips to clean your environment and take back control of your health again. 


– 1 Day & 3 Day Reset


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  • 15 Minute Stress Reset
  • Fascial Maneuver: Organ Reset
  • Self-Care Mobility Masterclass
  • Trauma Reset


  • Fundamental Laws of the body
  • The Dehydration Dilemma and how to rehydrate 
  • Is your food hurting you?
  • Take control of your digestion
  • What’s really going on when we are sick?
  • Cleaning your environment 
  • One of the most POWERFUL mechanisms in the body
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Who is this program for?

Anyone that has completed the 1 and 3 Day Reset and is ready to start building a habit around taking care of their body. 

How do I access the program?

When you register you will be taken to the Human Garage Mighty Networks where we host all of our programs. You may download the app and sign into our network or access it via web-browser. You will find the class in the menu titled “7 Day Reset”.

I'm in the 7 Day Reset but I can't access it

If you have joined the 7 Day Reset but for some reason you can’t find it in your app or web-browser. Close the app, refresh it and try again. If you still can not find it, you may hit the button on this page to register and it will take you there.